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Why Should you Sell your Blog?

Why Should you Sell your Blog?

Yesterday I discussed a few questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about selling your blog. Hopefully you had some time to think about what will work best for you and if selling your blog is truly a good choice. Today I wanted to touch base on a few reasons why you should sell your blog. I like to try to keep things simple, as hormonal as I can get, simplicity is the best way to run business and life so here goes …

Why Should you Sell your Blog?

Why Should You Sell Your Blog

  • The Brand Isn’t You – you have outgrown the brand and as much as you are happy about the success of the blog, you don’t feel passion as you once did to write on it.
  • You Don’t Blog about Kids – your kids are older now and the whole mom blogger concept isn’t you, blogging about kids and sharing their private stories doesn’t suit you anymore.
  • You’ve Had a Major Life Change – often times readers don’t like it when a blogger switches gears quickly, if you have had a major life change & the blog needs new branding, sometimes selling it and starting over is best.
  • You Just Don’t Want to Blog – perhaps you are ready to quit blogging and selling the blog off is a great way to walk away while earning some cash to invest in your next venture.
  • You Need the Cash – sure you still love your blog, but having cash to save your home from foreclosure or to pay a medical expense is more important than blogging right now and you are okay with selling it to pay for an emergency that has arisen.

Whatever your reasons are for selling your blog, the key is to know that you are making a decision that you can live with. I firmly believe in allowing every moment in your life to be a learning experience, this means that you have to live without regrets. Take time to think about why you should sell your blog and then determine how you will sell it once ready!

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  1. Sometimes it’s tough to know just when the right time is to sell a business and a blog is just like any other business. Not only finding the reason, but the right time to sell the business is important.

  2. I have a blog I want to sell!!! I listed it on Flippa a few times already, but didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. Hopefully will try again soon!

  3. This is great information. I have several friends who have rebranded themselves. I can see how getting an influx of cash could be awesome if you’re already thinking of going a different route. Or even if you’re just done with the whole thing. Thanks!

  4. I consider my blog to be my fourth child since I created it and watched it grow, but can understand the appeal to sell. I hope to see one of my kids take over my site someday.

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