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How to Sell your Blog

The last part of my mini three part series on selling your blog is coming to an end with how to sell your blog. I am assuming that you took the time to read the last two blog post in this series, but if not click here to go catch up.

Ways to Keep Money From Ruining Your Relationship

While I sold my blog quite by accident during a time when I was debating selling it off, I knew confidently that I had outgrown Happily Blended but I also knew that it had potential to get back up in the revenue after having come back home full time. I was torn between sticking with the blog or moving onto greener pastures. I didn’t feel passionate about the brand like I did when I ran it for eight years, Happily Blended was full of various content, reviews and paid posts and I felt it was just a mess of stuff that I would never quite get organized into a way that drove my passion back. I ended up selling my blog to someone who did paid posts with me, I was approached by them asking how much I would sell it for and I thought about it.

Ultimately there are many ways to sell your blog, online sites like Flippa make it easy for you to list the site for sale, showcasing the revenue and subscriber counts. There are other ways to sell a blog, such as using Facebook groups to list a blog for sale or asking within the blogging community. Often times you may just get lucky and find that another blogger wants to add your domain to their already thriving blog.

Thinking About Selling Your Blog

The best way to sell your blog is to get it out there, let people know you want to sell. At home you need to write down the price that you will sell it for, a high end and the absolute low ball end. I ultimately sold my blog for a bit less than I wanted, but it was within a $2,000 difference of what I wanted and the price made sense based on my needs, how long I felt it would take me to start making that revenue back on my already established Brandy Ellen site and so on.

Since I was in a rare situation where someone emailed me directly asking about selling off Happily Blended it isn’t easy to tell you the best route to sell your blog. I simply can advise you that people have sold blogs on Flippa, Craigslist, Facebook Groups and through direct contact with the blogging community. Those are probably going to be your best bet, so today if you know in your heart of hearts are you ready to sell your blog … go for it!

Places to think about selling your blog at, tips and tricks as part of a 3 mini series by Brandy Ellen

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