Big Changes Aren't The Only Way To Better Your Life - Brandy Ellen Writes

Big Changes Aren’t The Only Way To Better Your Life

Big Changes Are not The Only Way To Better Your Life

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Some people can make big, sweeping changes in an attempt to better their life. Those individuals are never stuck in a rut for long. If they notice something’s not working, they aren’t afraid to take risks. But, we can’t all be as brave. Instead, we stay stuck in our rut because it’s a safe place. Change, after all, is never easy. And, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the risk. Of course, no one wants to stay stuck forever. Remaining in an unhappy position, be at work, in your relationship, or wherever, is a sure way towards problems. The good news is, making changes may not take as big an effort as you think. Let’s look at some of the small ways you can get yourself out of that hole!


Sometimes, changing your life is as simple as broadening your horizons. It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble. This is especially the case if you move from home, to work, and back again. At some point, you stop seeing or even considering the world around you. Your reality is the only one that enters your head. Yet, it’s crucial to remember the world out there. You miss out on a wealth of opportunity by ignoring it. Plus, considering the world as a whole can be incredibly life affirming. There are many amazing things on this planet, and you are one of them. No matter how bad things seem, there’s a world of possibility waiting for you. Take time to visit somewhere new. Make an effort to learn about issues around the planet. Open your eyes to what you’re missing.

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For a lot of us, we’re in a rut because we have no literal way to get out of it. Even a less than perfect job is bearable if you get out and about on your days off. But, if you don’t drive, things can seem worse. There’s no escape from your monotony, even when you aren’t at work. Everyone needs a breather now and again. It may be that you didn’t learn to drive because you couldn’t afford to. A fantastic way around this problem is to get yourself a scooter instead. The start-up cost is a lot cheaper, and the course is a one-day affair. You won’t have to worry about paying for all those driving lessons!

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It may also be worth signing yourself up for something. Having somewhere to be can make a huge difference. Sometimes, that feeling of ‘being in a rut,’ is nothing more than a result of lacking purpose. Signing up for a course, or a group of some sort is a fantastic way to meet new people. Which, in turn, is another way to broaden your horizons. If you’ve never considered this before, take a look at the adult classes available in your town. It may be that there’s a book group you could join. Or, maybe a social club is all you need!



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