You’ve Nailed Your Health, But What About Theirs? - Brandy Ellen Writes

You’ve Nailed Your Health, But What About Theirs?


Keeping on top of your health can feel like a constant chore. When you then have your kids and husband to take care of too, it can feel like its never ending. However, there’s also another little someone that you need to take care of. Your pet! As well as taking care of the humans in your life, you might want to start taking a few steps to ensure that your dog is at their prime in life, a living healthily too.


First up, it’s time to make sure that your dog’s diet is on point. Not only is it important for them to not go hungry, but you’re also going to want to make sure that they’re not being overfed too. When you’re next picking up their food from the store, maybe take a look at the ingredients. Are they as healthy as they should be? If not, consider switching or even making our own meals for them. A dog needs a healthy diet to keep them fit, and to help things like their coat, so this is crucial.


Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing what you can to keep their eyes in good health. it’s easy to forget that they need looking after, but they’re just as important to care for as human eyes. Speak to your vet and see if your dog could benefit from drops to help them with healthier eyesight. As long as you’re keeping them clean and remembering to wipe away crust, you should be doing your bit to keep them healthy.

Medical Health

As a part of their overall health, you might want to make sure that you’re constantly keeping an eye on your dog and checking them over for medical health reasons. Whether you discover lumps or a disease, you may want to look into alternative options like heartworm medicine for dogs that can ensure your dog gets treated quickly and is back to top health. If you’re really struggling to keep them healthy, speak to your vet to find the best solution.


Some people believe that a dog’s coat is self-cleaning. That can be the case with some pets, but if your dog is frequently getting themselves dirty, or rolling in mess, you might need to ensure that you’re staying on top of their cleanliness. From bathing them to keep them clean, to cutting back their nails and making sure they get to the groomers, there’s a lot of pampering that you can do to ensure that your dog is healthy.


Finally, do you know if your dog is getting enough exercise? A lot of the time, this will depend on the breed of dog you have, and their lifestyle. But if you see that your dog is putting on weight, you may need to start upping their exercise levels. This is often something the entire family can benefit from too, as additional walks in the wilderness can be a lot of fun and good for your health.


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