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Apps for Android Users: Daily Tools for Everyone

Apps for Android Users: Daily Tools for Everyone

You’ve become a committed Android user. But, you’re a bit jealous of the relationship that others have with their smartphones. It seems like there’s a lot you don’t know about and it’s time you got additional experience. Access these daily tools and enter the next level of Android ownership.

Apps for Android Users: Daily Tools for Everyone"


Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, you may have a particular browser installed on your Android. Download Firefox for Android and enjoy its fast response and sleek mobile design. Some even prefer the mobile version to the desktop.

Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad is a bit like a music app but for recipes that you already like and ones you may like. Find details to make dishes and manage grocery lists. Finding new recipes is as fun as discovering new restaurants, but it’s a lot cheaper!


Evernote, like your Android, is as powerful as you make it. The app could be used to jot down notes and maintain a few lists but it can do a lot more. Record audio and video clips along with texts and images. It also has an image recognition tool.


Instagram started as an image platform and grew to something much larger. Today, it’s battling with SnapChat as one of the major social media sites. It has features that appeal to the age and abilities of all. Post pictures or record via Instagram Stories.


With the ESPN app for Android, you have instant access to sports taking place around the country as well as the world. Get down to the granular baseball stats or keep a general tab on major league occurrences as they take place.

Weather Live Free

Find out about the weather in your city or any town in the world. This weather app provides all the data a weather geek needs and wants. Get up-to-the-minute info or see what it will be like for the next seven days.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has improved over the years. The latest version allows person-to-person commerce without the need of credit cards or physical money. It’s great for artists and small businesspeople who don’t have a premier cashier system.


In a world with so many flight cancellations and legroom issues, some prefer to travel by bus, train, and ferry. Transit gives you the scoop on travel options around the world. If you have the time to take an alternative mode of travel, you may find a train or bus is more peaceful than cramped and cranky planes.


Hulu is the competitor to Netflix. They both deliver quality and original programming as well as the classics. In a time when there are no more Blockbuster video stores to roam, it’s nice to be able to toggle through hundreds of movie titles before choosing one.

Microsoft Office Lens

Some still use good old pen and paper for business and personal purposes. However, it’s much more modern to share digital information. So, the app turns your photo of pen and paper information into a digital doc.

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  1. Yes, the app which has made my life easier is google maps. It helps to reach your destination in a quick manner, though I am a great user of instagram too.

  2. All great apps. My husband is an android user and while I am an apple user I use a lot of the same apps.

  3. I am an Android user and am really happy to read this list of apps. I have never heard of Evernote, but it sounds like something that would be useful for me daily with both work and personal life. Thanks!

  4. I have an Android and my fav apps are Instagram and Lightroom Mobile. For my Droid tablet, I use Hulu and Netflix. I would really love to use Evernote, though, because I have heard a lot of good things about it.

  5. Evernote was one of my favorite apps on Android! I could jot down thoughts, lists, work ideas, and everything all in one place – instead of in my head where I would forget lol!

  6. These are a great list of apps for an android user. To be honest I have only had one android phone and then I switched back to my iphone. I am apparently an apple person. They just seem to work better for me.

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