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Tiny Tantrums – Why Your Dog Isn’t Happy

Tiny Tantrums – Why Your Dog Isn’t Happy

Some people think animals don’t have true emotions of reasoned moods and behavior. The science has shown this is 100% untrue, especially for smarter animals and dogs are definitely smarter animals. If they’re less active than usual, overeating, less excited about the things they used to love, being restless, anxious or destructive of property, it might be a sign your dog isn’t happy. Why might that be the case?

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They’re not feeling well

If low energy is the biggest part of their problem, the case might be that they’re dealing with some illness. Infectious diseases, fevers, parasites and the like can all cause them to get down in the dumps and unwilling to do much at all. If the following points don’t seem like they are the cause, it might be worth taking them to the vet if that low energy doesn’t pass in a couple of days.

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They don’t get enough stimulation

It’s vital to know that illness might the cause, of course, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the most regular one. If your dog is truly moody, snapping and causing damage to property and generally restless, the most common cause is a lack of stimulation. There are a few forms of stimulation, too. Physical stimulation is met by taking them for walks and making sure they have toys like TufToys that they can spend hours with without them breaking. But there are other kinds of stimulation, too. For instance, taking them a walk around the same places time and time again doesn’t give them mental stimulation. Keeping them away from other dogs and people doesn’t give them social stimulation. You have to meet all those needs.

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They learn it from you

The most important needs, perhaps, are the emotional ones. For the majority of dogs, those needs are met by their family: you. If you’re having a tough time, feeling depressed, angry, or restless, your body language and behavior signals it to the dog and they learn it. But dogs also have emotional needs they require you to fulfill directly. If you haven’t been able to spend as much time with your dog, it will start to feel depressed. Show them compassion and attention. It could mean the world to them.

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They’re dealing with a change

If you’ve moved home, then that could be the number one reason your dog isn’t happy. As PuppyLeaks says, it’s not too difficult to get a dog used to a new place. They might need potty training once more and might cry at night, but you can get them there in the end up. If you’re a new owner of an older dog or you’re taking care of an animal that has been abused in the past, then that change can be even harder for them to get over. Dogs dealing with bereavement, whether it’s another dog or a person, have the hardest transition of all ahead of them. Give them time and, once again, show them some compassion.

Dogs have needs. They’re physical, emotional, and societal. If there are any problems stopping them from fulfilling those needs, their mood will reflect it. Hopefully, the points above can help you get down to why your dogs in the dumps and help them get back up.






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