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6 Simple ways to Increase your Instagram following

6 Simple ways to Increase your Instagram following

Instagram followers have become one of the most important features to distinguish a good product or blog from a bad one. This is an amazing marketing tool, which has been used by many for business purposes as well as for personal reasons. Having a big following has become a reason for pride and has created a constant need of creating new content of “Instagram worthy” images.

6 Simple ways to Increase your Instagram following

If your business or your blog needs that extra boost, keep reading to learn of quick and easy ways to boost your Instagram following:

  1. Be Relentless — Find some Instagram users in your target audience and follow them, like some of their pictures. It has been experimentally proven that liking random pictures of random people can bring you followers.
  2. Giveaways — We know that this is a way that works, because it has worked on us! Create an image of and give away some goods on Instagram. Get people to share your image and tag their friends. You will see your numbers go up.
  3. Create good Content —  Yes, this requires work. You should find many photo editing tools and always change and edit your account, deleting and adding new pictures. You are beautiful, but no one wants to see a hundred of selfies and pictures of your every meal. Think of creative ways to sign your photos. Come up with your personal style. Do you leave funny captions? Do you treat them like a personal diary? Do you only leave emojis? Do you give valuable advice and tips under your photos? Choose a style and be consistent. Engage your followers.
  4. Psychology — Research has proven that Mayfair filter is the most effective marketing tool of all Instagram filters. Why? We do not know, but we exploit it very actively. As well as best instagraming hours, which as from 2am to 5 pm. This is the time when your likes and follows will bring you the most amount of new followers.
  5. Use Hashtags — Using most popular hashtags will help you increase your Instagram following. It doesn’t matter if you sell shower gel or car accelerators, #love will bring you more followers than #cleanliness and #motorvehicleparts.
  6. Use Geotags — When you use geotags people who live locally, and who are your most perspective customers, are more likely to come across your business on their location map.

While these are just 6 simple ways to increase your Instagram following. We would love to hear from you on what you have done that works for your niche.

Leave a comment below with one simple Instagram tip or question about Instagram so we can all help each other!

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  1. I have to start using more hashtags. I try but I get so focused on the pictures, I forgot to share the hashtags!

  2. Great post. Instagram is such a fun tool to use, because like Pinterest it is very visual, not so much text based. These are some awesome tips that will help anyone looking to increase their use of Instagram, whether they are a blogger or run any kind of business.

  3. I spend 10-15 minutes a day target liking and following people who use similar hashtags. It really does work.

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