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How to Become a Marketing God

How to Become a Marketing God

Has it ever happened to you that you pass a business by and you understand that you have never used the services of the business, have never been inside but yet you feel like this is an excellent business? Well, my dear, than you are a victim of good marketing. And this is not a bad thing. You should maybe pay attention to this business and see what they do to create such an impression.

How to Become a Marketing God

Marketing is not hard, but it does require some knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Luckily for you, you don’t need to follow marketing trends and new ways of marketing your business painstakingly, because we have already done it for you. Here are some very simple ways you can market your business:

  1. Social Media Presence. Your business should have an account on all social media websites and they should be constantly updated. Nowadays there are people specializing on social media marketing, you can hire someone to increase your following and create good content for you. If you cannot hire a person, there is a ton of seminars and webinars you can attend to know what you should do to create a strong following on social media. It is easy, but it requires constant updating.
  2. Create Local Awareness. Most types of businesses need local returning customers, so this is why you should focus your marketing locally. Raise coverage in local media, local blogs, sponsor some local events. Maybe you can provide some prizes for the winners of different contests. If you own a language school a certificate for a free month will be a great present for a runner-up in a local Miss contest. Find relevant establishments that can benefit from your business and advertise there. People should know your logo, even if they don’t know what exactly it is you do.
  3. Customer service. If your business is just starting up your foremost goal is to create satisfied customers. Because word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool. Provide good service to John and next time he will bring Mary and Bill with him. Simple and effective.
  4. Discounts. Coupons, flyers, contests, those are all powerful tools to create a huge awareness among people. Advertise a giveaway on your website and social media. Ask people to share information to gain entry. One will win, but the others will buy.

Giving out flyers with discounts is also a good way to market your business. Everyone will want to try it if it is 15% off. First will be 15% off, second they will buy themselves and by the fifth time you will be able to raise prices, and your customers will still come to you.

  1. Collaborate. Find companies that promote businesses that can complement yours. Find a way to collaborate with them and help each other. For example if you sell wedding dresses get a couple of the business cards of a local florist and get them to display their works in your salon. Do the same in their store and just wait for the flow of customers to flood your store.


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  1. I do a lot of websites for small business owners and it’s amazing how many of them don’t have – or don’t want – a social media presence. These are great tips for anyone with their own business!

  2. I know giveaways have done wonders on my blog traffic. I just needed to grab their attention and those that wanted to stick around ended up sticking around which overall was a net gain.

  3. Local awareness is something I need to work on. I’ve been tossing around buying advertisement on the high school band trailer because my daughter plays in the band. Great advertising for me and a write off!

  4. So many great tips!!! For me I started out using social media and thankfully things just worked. So now I feel I’m going backwards with my marketing strategy because I’m trying to make a better name for myself locally. Usually local is the first thing people do lol…. I’m always doing things differently lol….

  5. It’s so easy to get the word out there about your business these days in the days of social media. If you know what you’re doing, that is. These are great tips!

  6. I actually do have favorable opinions of places I’ve never been. Like you said, it’s got to be because of marketing, I just never made that connection before. 🙂

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