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What is the Reason for Bloggers having a Virtual Assistant?

What is the Reason for Bloggers having a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who you can trust, confide in and send work to on a regular basis. Bloggers may hire a virtual assistant to complete blogger support threads, social media management, replies to social media contact on FB or Instagram, content writing and many other tasks. I have completed many tasks for bloggers as well as app companies and brands. My portfolio can be found here, but I also use to have my name out there with services offered. I have even helped eCommerce sites upload their products with images, descriptions and pricing in the past. These are just some ideas on what a virtual assistant can offer bloggers and of course bloggers want to make money while spending the least amount of time on tedious tasks.

Why do Bloggers Hire Virtual Assistants?

Bloggers used to do it all themselves. They spent hours upon hours creating content, developing an editorial calendar, creating pictures and taking part in blogging support groups. These hours were precious time being taken away from the bigger picture of blogging business. You see, bloggers should have time free to pitch for ad space, event attendance and other arenas that will bring them more income. Having a virtual assistant that you can trust to get their work done on time and without question is a great asset to any blogger.

Why Should Bloggers have a Virtual Assistant?

  • No more Stress on Content Creation – no more worrying about those tedious tasks of editing, uploading photos or even creating content. Give your VA your editorial calendar and let them create the content, images and even upload to your blog dashboard.
  • More Engagement on Social & Blog Posts – no more worrying about getting traction on your blog posts. Let your VA handle the tedious task of leaving comments on other blog posts and social media content as you watch your engagement increase.
  • Tasks Completed on Time – sure you can do all of the tasks a virtual assistant can do, but hiring someone to just handle those tasks helps ease your stress level and open the doors to you gaining more income because you will have time to converse and pitch products and brands.
  • Alleviates Stress – seriously, I am not even kidding, my clients enjoy having free time. If my client is sick they don’t have to worry about content creation being made, engagement being worked on or pitches being sent. Bloggers who hire me as a virtual assistant have confidence that work is being done while they go be sick and relax or just get other areas of work done!

Brandy Ellen Offers a New Service

I am currently adding a new service to my list of virtual assistant tasks, let me create a video from your blog post. Here is a blog post turned into video, 5 Things Never to Say to a Work at Home Pro:

Are you interested in using this service? Contact me today. Introductory price is $50 per video but may increase in time.

There are so many reasons why bloggers are now hiring their very own virtual assistant, but these are the top reasons that have been shared with me over the last 9 years. Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant or hiring one?

Let’s chat more about what a virtual assistant can do, if you are a VA drop a comment with services you provide. If you are a blogger, drop a comment with services that you have your VA do for you and what the benefit has been!

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