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The Hampton Beach Family Road Trip 4th of July

The Hampton Beach Family Road Trip 4th of July

We did not have the kiddos over the weekend prior to the 4th of July so we did our own regularly scheduled kid-free road trip. Then the kids returned on Monday evening so Mike decided to plan for a Hampton Beach Fireworks visit for the 4th of July evening. My oldest has mentioned not going on road trips, you see her brothers aren’t so interested in long road trips, so we don’t go on kid full road trips. We decided that a 4th of July fireworks road trip was necessary … to celebrate with fireworks being set off over the Atlantic Ocean and a trip to Fun-O-Rama for arcades.

Hampton Beach 4th of July Fireworks Show

Hitting the Road – Family Road Trippin

We prepared for the two hour drive to Hampton Beach by packing up blankets, towels, water bottles and of course tablet, smartphones and such so that the trio was occupied for a two hour trip. The oldest has her iPhone, the boys have smartphones and a Samsung Tablet as well as a Lenova Tablet for long drives. We hope to invest in a portable DVD player for future family fun road trips. The boys did well taking turns with game play along the trip and I was quite proud that they were getting along for the drive.

Hampton Beach 2017 fireworks show Road Trip

Getting Setup for the Hampton Beach 4th of July Fireworks Show

We took a bit longer to park because we wanted a good spot, sure enough we got lucky. We were able to wait for someone to leave and park right up near the Hampton Beach Boardwalk, perfection! We paid the parking meter, these are in effect up at Hampton Beach until October 31st so plan ahead when tripping to Hampton Beach, NH. We first took a trip to the restrooms then grabbed food for everyone. Mike and I grabbed an Italian Sausage Grinder with peppers and onions, K-man grabbed fried dough with powdered sugar which he so gracefully wore, Miss Ki purchased fried clams (her number one choice at Hampton Beach) and Aj had a piece of cheese pizza. Once we all had our food in hand, we ventured back to the van to get seated.

Hampton Beach 2017 fireworks show Road Trip

Enjoy the Hampton Beach Fireworks Show

As most of you know, at least those connected on Facebook, we have a NH Based FAA Commercially Licensed Drone business. My other half, Mike is FAA licensed to fly a drone under Part 107. This is a great addition for our New England road trips, but he can’t fly at night commercially and with so many people at Hampton Beach it simply wasn’t safe to bring along our Phantom 4k. We were going to Facebook Live the fireworks but his cell wasn’t cooperating, so we simply enjoyed the show while eating up our food.

Hampton Beach 4th of July Fireworks Show

I did not get any photos of the fireworks this year, sadly I was too busy being Mama and dealing with K-man who was upset because we didn’t get to dip our feet in the ocean as planned. The trio loves swimming in the Atlantic Ocean during summer break season. I did have these two photos from last year’s Hampton Beach Fourth of July show though.

Hampton Beach 4th of July Fireworks Show

Fireworks End – Fun-o-Rama Begins

So sure we couldn’t make it to swim in the Atlantic Ocean but we could make it to Fun-o-Rama for some arcades. Each kid got $10 in quarters and Mike too. The kids enjoyed playing to get tickets for exchange of items, only K-man exchanged tickets though. We found out that we can save tickets for future visits, which means we will be saving up for end of Summer exchange of tickets for cool stuff at Hampton Beach arcades.

Then it happened, Aj who has been king of the cranes since toddler days won three huge bouncy balls in the crane machine. Miss Ki tried her hand at winning one, failed like four times, then handed her brother some cash and he attempted to win one on his first try. It was crazy watching him put the $2 into the crane machine and each time pulling out a winning gigantic bouncy ball, he won one for each sibling and himself. Totally cool!

Ending the Hampton Beach Family Road Trip

Once the quarters were used up and Mike was done bouncing the balls around with the boys, we ventured back to the van to prepare for our two hour ride home. What a fun evening to have on the road with the whole family, I must admit it was an evening to remember. I fully enjoyed having this time with the trio and my love. I look forward to more trips to Hampton Beach this summer 2017, as it is our favorite spot to go.

Upcoming Events at Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach hosts many events every summer season, such a volleyball tournament and weekly firework shows. Check out the calendar of events here to plan your visit to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire this year!

Tips for Visiting Hampton Beach

  • Parking is often limited up at the beach board walk area, but if you are willing to drive up and around to the board walk and wait a bit, you will find someone is leaving and you can squeeze into good parking.
  • Be prepared for parking this close to Hampton Beach to take up to two hours depending upon how busy they are.
  • Check when high and low tide will be if you are planning to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and check the weather as well as ocean temperature, the ocean is often quite cold and can allow for hypermedia to set in if not careful.
  • Bring food, snacks and drinks in a cooler, as pricing for real food is pretty costly at times, especially during busy seasons like 4th of July fireworks and other events.
  • There are many dogs on the board walk, so be prepared to be greeted by some friendly doggies, don’t worry – if you are allergic or don’t like dogs *gasp* the owners are usually really good at keeping dogs away from strangers.

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  1. You guys all have good hair, lol. Really!! My daughter has that crane ability your son has…always cracked me up. I wonder if she’s still ‘got it.’ We’ll have to put it to the test. 🙂 Glad you had a nice 4th!

  2. It looks like you guys had a great holiday trip! I didn’t get to any fire works but I love them! The Atlantic ocean is definitely colder than the Pacific. But normally around August it warms up a bit!

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