Things To Consider Before You Get The Family Puppy

. Changes must happen in life no matter how happy you are, because each of us should be growing with every new day. I wish you much luck in working through this time of sorry, resentment and frustration, I have Faith you will get through.

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Finally getting the family puppy is an exciting moment. You’ve mulled over the decision for a while, but the cries of your children have finally won out and that little voice of childlike wonder within you has finally said, “go on – just do it”. Of course, deciding to get a puppy is a big step but it’s only the first step of many. Inviting your dog into your home is a big change not just for you and your family but for the dog itself. It’s important that you’re both prepared for this new adventure. Here are the things to consider before you invite a dog into your home because you don’t want to be caught off-guard.

They need looking after.

You’re probably laughing at this point, but you’d be surprised by how few dog owners realize just what that means in the early days. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows; you need to clean your dog, clean up after your dog, feed them, walk them, and give them endless amounts of attention. It’s a never-ending job, and you need to be of the mindset that it isn’t a job. You need to love your new puppy as you love anyone else in your family and be prepared for the mammoth task of looking after them. If you think your new dog is just going to become a novelty then maybe you should rethink the decision to get him or her altogether.

Creating a comfortable household for them.

Much like welcoming a new baby into your family household, you need to make your new pet feel welcome in the home. They should be comfortable, and they should feel like a part of the family. This doesn’t mean you need to give them their own room with a cot and read them bedtime stories, but, as you would with a child, you should buy your dog toys to keep them occupied. You’ll want to give them lots of love and affection, but you won’t be able to be in the room with them 24 hours a day so they need some form of entertainment.

Of course, part of the process of making your puppy comfortable in their new home involves training. You’re going to have to accept that your dog isn’t used to this brand new environment. They need rules, but they need to learn those rules; again, it’s much the same as having a baby. Your dog doesn’t know any better at first, but that doesn’t mean you should just let bad behavior slide. You need to teach them how to behave around the house. You might want to figure out how to potty train a puppy early on because, otherwise, this is definitely something that will cause the most mess around the house… without going into much more detail than that.

Keep them healthy.

Most importantly, you should keep your puppy healthy. Pay close attention to them, and if you see any signs of problems then take them to the vet. As long as you feed your new pup the foods they’re supposed to be eating and no chocolate or other human food that’s bad for dogs then they should be fine.

Things To Consider Before You Get The Family Puppy

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  1. So, these things and SO MUCH MORE. People REALLY need to realize that puppies don’t stay puppies, and dogs need EXERCISE. Most dog behavioral problems come from the owners not giving them enough exercise. A tired pooch is a happy pooch. …We adopted a couple months ago (our 3rd), and the pound omg was so sad. Lots of those dogs were from people that got puppies and didn’t anticipate life with a dog after the puppy stage.

  2. All good points. We will get a puppy when we get a house again. I know how much work it will be but I suspect my youngest is clueless and will be in for a bit of a surprise. 😉

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