How to Make a Confident Decision to Be Happier

How to Make a Confident Decision to Be Happier

When everything is tumbling down and you’ve come to realize that perhaps it’s your environment playing a toll on your mood, what do you do? Well there are many things you can do but I will say that the first step is to stop beating yourself up over having been an active part in creating this environment. We all make mistakes, we all make decisions based on what seem best, and we all have to deal with things that change. People change, circumstances change and events happen that can lead us into a negative environment. It’s simply part of life.

How to Make a Confident Decision to Be Happier

If you have started to feel like a negative person and you strongly feel like it’s something going on in the environment that is sucking you dry, then you need to move on with these tips to determine what the issue is, and then come to a solution that will pay off in the long haul.

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No Decision Comes Easy

First let me fully disclose that no difficult decision comes easy. I have made a lot of amazing life change choices over the years and none of those were easy at first. I will say that they were great decisions, sure some left me broke and having to climb back up again. Others left me feeling sad because I missed someone but knew we weren’t a good fit. There are all sorts of good decisions we must make that are hard when we make them. Allow yourself to feel confident that no decision comes easy but the decision you are making is the right one in the long run for your mental health well-being.

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Think About Why

Figure out why you are feeling so worn down. What variables are involved, can you rule out certain stress that has happened before and didn’t take this bad of a toll on you? Can you eliminate certain variables that one could argue may be the issue when you come to make your big decision? Make sure to evaluate every part of your life to figure out why you are feeling so negative and weighed down. Once you have thought about why you are so weighed down, be confident in the reason. You are the only one who knows you, your past experiences and what is presently in your life causing strain. Outsiders can tell you that they think x,y and z are the culprit but only YOU know for sure what’s impacting your overall mood.

Remain Confident

You will have a difficult time through the process of making this big decision, whatever the decision is, if it’s meant to stabilize you back to your level of normal it won’t be easy. Remember no decision comes easy, especially when it pertains to making a positive change to be yourself again. There may be financial issues during the change, there may be arguments, there will be things that are not easy to handle at first, but you will remain confident and get through this! Learn to stick your head up high and not worry about how others see the scenario, because only you have lived in this environment behind these closed doors for this long to know what really is leading you down the negative path.

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Things Always Change

One thing for sure in life is that things and people can always change. Sometimes the true colors of someone comes out, I have researched that it takes about two years or so to really get to know a person. It takes about that long to really figure out if you both are a good fit. When it comes to living with someone, even just a roommate, that’s when the true test of if you two can be in the same environment long-term together comes out. Again, only you know for sure what the factors are that have caused you to be negative lately. Only you know if it’s derived from a temporary situation or a long term issue that will most certainly never be healed to move forward in a positive direction unless you can communicate that pain. Most times if you are in a negative mood and it hasn’t gone away, it’s because you won’t be able to communicate this to the people in the environment that has weighed on you. Make your own decisions based on having confidence to know that things always change or your vision gets clearer as time goes on – whatever it is – remember that things always change and sometimes change is for the better.

How to Make a Confident Decision to Be Happier

I have no idea what’s going on in your life, if you have a job that’s stressing you out, if you have a significant other who is making you feel blue, the kids are too much this summer break … I am not one who would have any idea what is going on behind those four walls you call home. That holds true for everyone else, not one other person knows what goes on behind our four walls here. The surface always looks happy, it’s easy to share positive things online and it’s easy for me specifically to look at the positive when writing as that’s just how my writing flows ….

What you need to do is let go of what comes to the surface and dig deep to figure out why you have such negative moods and what you need to do to move forward and be you again. Once that decision is made, do not look back, don’t second guess yourself, because YOU matter most!

When everything is tumbling down and you’ve come to realize that perhaps it’s your environment playing a toll on your mood, what do you do?

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  1. I am a horrible decision maker. Although I do love change, it causes anxiety because I never know if I am making the right decision or not. Thankfully, I have never had to make any heart breaking decisions in my life. This is all really great advice because you must always do what’s best for yourself and cutting off ties to what is negative for your health and well-being is never an easy decision.

  2. I love that you noted being weighed down for awhile could possibly mean you can’t communicate what’s bothering you to the person who is… yes!! I have seen that over and over. One of my kids is going through it now and I don’t think he realizes it. Of course we’re all pulling for him and his relationship to work. It’s not just valuable to him, it’s valuable to all of us, and we like him to be happy. I just wish I had a buzzer I could push that would make him disclose how he’s really feeling, instead of being so worried about upsetting his other half. It could go a long way towards repairing what’s cracked (not broken). 🙂 Relationships are hard.

  3. You are right, it’s never easy. It’s a daily struggle to decide to be happy and positive. But I think being aware is already a big step!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post! I truly believe that confidence is very important and having confidence will greatly impact our lives for the better.

  5. Looking at the glass half full, not half empty is key. Choosing to be happy over stressed helps yourself and all those around. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the post.

  6. Great tips! We make decision almost every day in our lives. It could be as simple as whether to order pizza or sandwich and/or even to call a friend or not. But I hear you, there are some decisions that’s so hard to make and I agree with you that confident is necessary when it comes to decision making.

  7. Decisions can be very challenging to make. Especially if something is pulling you down but you still love it or love that person. Cutting them out can be a hard decision to make. However it is normally the right one. Anytime anything interferes with your happiness it definitely time to change something.

  8. I like this post. It really does remind me that I do need to take a deeper look into myself and make sure that everything I’m doing is healthy for me. I am happy that I’m able to do the job that I do and I love my family. But it is always good to look and see if there something more that you could prove to be even a happier person.

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