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A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend, So Treat It That Way!

A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend, So Treat It That Way!


It’s a cliché, but it is true: there aren’t many animals that are as good to people as dogs. And, owners almost always respond in kind. After all, a pet lover doesn’t want to see their dog suffer in any way. Still, that doesn’t mean that your pooch is one-hundred percent happy. Sure, it may not show any signs of discontentedness as life may be good at the moment. However, there is always room to make it better and your dog happier in the process. If this sounds like something you would like, here’s how to take it to the next level.

Go On Long Walks

The emphasis is the word ‘long’ here because lots of owners like to keep it short and sweet. There is nothing wrong with a short walk as long as your dog gets enough exercise on a daily basis. But, a long walk is better as it gets them out of the house first and foremost. And, just like when you are cooped up all day, it’s nice to gee a change of scenery. Plus, roaming around the local environment is when a dog is at its happiest. Canines are inquisitive and full of energy, so they need time to explore. The longer the walk, the more time there is to go on a journey.

Change Their Diet

It’s simple to buy a tin of dog food and scrape it into a bowl three times a day. The thing is that, although the food isn’t unhealthy, it could be healthier. This is an issue because, like humans, dogs are what they eat. So, if they don’t get the right nutrients, they won’t feel the benefits. Indeed, they may even feel a little tired and down in the dumps. A good tip is to switch to natural treats for dogs to ensure they get a balanced and healthy meal. You will instantly notice the difference when you make the switch.


Start A Toy Rota

Dogs get bored with toys after a while. It never seems like it will happen, yet it always does after a week or two. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in new ones to improve their mood. No, that would be a stressful and costly venture. Instead, you can put away the toys which don’t have an impact anymore and switch them with an old one. The sight of a faithful friend will get your dog riled up and ready to play. All you have to do is repeat the trick every time they get bored.

Give Them Plenty Of Rest

Dogs love to play, but they also like to lie down and take the edge off the day. Some people think they are lazy, yet it is their way of unwinding. By lazing in the sun or your lap, they are de-stressing and calibrating their body. When it is over, they are much more balanced and relaxed than before. That is why it is essential to let them sleep whenever they are tired.

The next day they will get up and bounce around like they are on top of the world.


Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. I love to take my boys on walks and play in the backyard with them. I have to be careful, though. They have a long coat, and I live in Miami. So you know… HOT.

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