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5 Road Trip Packing Essentials

5 Road Trip Packing Essentials

Road trips are a rite of passage and an adventure.  They offer opportunities to throw caution to the wind and also opportunities to be practical.  No matter how fancy or basic your accommodations during your road trip, packing can help you avoid annoyances or even disaster.  These are five things you should pack for a safe, fun road trip adventure:

5 Road Trip Packing Essentials

Wireless Chargers

A wireless car charger is the most important item you need on your road trip.  It is the most versatile and life-saving of the Items from TYLT.  This wireless portable phone charger runs on magnets and does not need an electrical source. Just one charger can charge all your devices, from phones to tablets to smart watches.  Also, a backpack with charger built in would be the best companion during a trip. These devices can then help you communicate and find directions and information and entertainment during your road trip.

Backup Supply of Food and Water

Roadside diners are part of the fun of road trips, but what if your car breaks down in a remote location?  You will need some food and water while you are waiting for help to arrive.  Bring non-perishable foods like trail mix and jerky.  Also, keep enough bottled water to last a few days.

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit in your car so that you can deal with minor injuries.  This way, the injuries will not get worse while you are going around looking for the proper supplies.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables will get you back to safety quickly.  Carrying your own jumper cables will save you the frustration of waiting to find someone who has them.


For some reason, a toothbrush is one of the easiest items to forget when you travel.  Keep your toothbrush packed in an easily accessible location in your car and you’ll be happy you did.

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  1. There is NOTHING worse than forgetting to pack a portable car charger!I had no idea there are wireless chargers. I totally want one now because I think that would be so handy.

  2. What a great list! Plenty of snacks and water are always a must for us, and since I use my phone to take plenty of photos, a wireless charger is an excellent suggestion as well. Thanks!

  3. Excellent, excellent tips. When you road trip, you have to cover all the safety bases. BUT after that you still have to fill in the outfield with snacks and entertainment.

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