What is LinkPops.com and Why Do you Need It?

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The unstoppable duo team are at it again, while life continues to chug along forward a little too fast at times, we still plug away behind the scenes with our drone business and our home office business of developing websites that save you time. Today I wanted to take a moment to share LinkPops.com.

What is LinkPops and Why You Need It

How LinkPops.com Was Created

Often times I participate in these follow threads where a large group of bloggers are seeking to find similar people to follow and engage with. This means that there’s a list within a spreadsheet or Facebook group of social media sites and/or blog sites to click over to and check out. This is a great way for bloggers and connect with others within the blogging community and in turn support each other. I was sitting in the office one day, looking for a way to open up links from my spreadsheet. Sure, I found something but it was taking so much time that I turned to Mike and was like, “there has to be something that can open all of these links without me having to click a bunch of buttons in multiple screens.”

Obviously I looked for browser extensions and add-ons first. I found an add-on in Firefox, yet it wasn’t what I needed. I had a spreadsheet I was working off of, not browser based links and even then the add-on was not easily used for browser based threads. After a little bit of time passed with me clicking and using the F5 key to get batches of links opening from Excel into my browser, Mike sent over a link. He says, “here try this!”

Magic happened ….

Open Multiple Tabs in a Browser with LinkPops

LinkPops.com Was Born

This platform allows you to easily open multiple links whether from a Facebook group thread, copy and paste from a spreadsheet or pretty much any way you have a list of multiple links that you want to open in multiple tabs. There is also a way to save links, such as websites you may monitor or check on a regular basis. This allows you to easily open them in new tabs without having to type them in or copy and paste because they will be saved in your LinkPops account.

We have already had a handful of people test this out before launch and they are super happy. Even those who thought LinkPops.com wasn’t going to save much time overall stated this actually does save them a ton of time. Think about those chore threads you do every night. You don’t want to automate them or you can’t automate all of them. We do have our two platforms RetweetChores or Tacks to help with Pinterest and Twitter threads, but that doesn’t save time across the board with all chore threads, it simply helps save time with Twitter and/or Pinterest threads. LinkPops.com solves the problem of opening multiple tabs easily and in turn actually does save you time!

Forget harder, work smarter!

Check out How LinkPops.com Works

Are you ready to hop on and give this a try? Click here to see pricing options and sign up for LinkPops.com today!

Recently launched LinkPops.com saves you time opening multiple links in a browser, check out how this time saving platform works.

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  1. This sounds like something that I can get a lot of use out of. I sometimes have more links than I know what to do with, and I think this can help me wrangle them all into something manageable.

  2. I love that you’re coming up with all of these great ideas to help bloggers!! Anything that saves time is huge!

  3. I will suggest this to my VA. I think it is a good idea to have tools like this to increase efficiency in doing chore threads. Thanks for letting me know about LinkPops.

  4. I could use this LinkPops. It sure looks like it is user friendly and would really help get the work done in the least amount of time. Thanks for sharing information about this new, useful tool.

  5. This will make comment exchanges and other threads more easy to do. I don’t usually open all the links at the same time but going back to Facebook to click on the next blog is taking too long. I’ll check this out soon.

  6. It’s always cool to find apps that other bloggers have vetted before I use them. If something makes life easier for me in this career, yet keeps me professionally organized, I’m all for it.

  7. What an awesome concept! I participate in a lot of blogger chore threads and understand how time consuming opening multiple links can be. I plan to look into LinkPops for sure!

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