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The Downside of Working from Home

The Downside of Working from Home

Working from home is amazing, I love being able to use skills I have learned over the years in a work at home business. With that being said, working from home comes with its downsides. In the nearly 9 years I have been working from home as a virtual assistant, direct sales rep and a blogger I have connected with many work at home people. There are so many work at home people who can relate to that downside you have when it comes to making your own living from home.

Working from home is great, but with it comes some emotional downsides.

The Lack of Income

There are downtimes in any business structure. You have quarter one that may be slow due to tax season and determining a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. There are other times in the year when work is low which creates this lack of income. The times when your work at home income dips a bit can be overwhelming. If you didn’t plan properly during the better income months, you could find yourself scraping to come up with last minute funds for bills. Even if you did save up and manage money great, it’s still a bummer when you watch that savings dwindle because you are in a lack of income season for the work at home business.

Emotional Toll

Whether you are the bread winner of the home with your work at home income, both adults work at home or you are the one responsible to use work at home income towards specific household bills, the emotional toll working at home has on you during low periods can be extreme. When you start to feel emotion about the lack of income, high work load while balancing everyday life or other situations that occur when you work from home, productivity lowers. When you find yourself in an emotional roller coaster as a work from home professional, it’s time to take a day or two off. Learning to take control of the emotional toll that working at home has on an individual will assist you in moving forward.

What to Do

When it comes to working from home you will want to find creative ways to use your skills to make more money. Whether you started off in direct sales and turned to become a consultant for others seeking to be successful in direct sales or you are branching out to add more services; working from home has its downside when you want to add more to your plate but aren’t sure what to do. During the transition stage of figuring out what you want to do for more income, you can find income dwindles and in turn the lack of income and emotional toll starts to appear. This isn’t easy and it sucks as a work from home professional, but you can survive!

Juggling Kids and Work

Working from home with kids in the picture can be extremely difficult. I used to work when the kids were asleep, that is when they were not yet in school. This schedule used to be what I also used during summer break, working when the kids are asleep. As time has gone on and the work load increased, meaning I pushed to build more for my work at home business, the need to work during daytime hours arrived. Juggling kids and work especially during summer break can take a toll on you. It’s like that parent side of you wants to enjoy summer break with the kids because you are home but the professional in you knows there has to be a balance in order for you to maintain what you built as a work at home business.

Working from home is great, but with it comes some emotional downsides.

It Will Get Better

No matter what you feel the downsides are to working from home, we can all agree that they are there. As with any successful dream built from the ground up, there comes a time when emotions try to drive the train and we have to take a break to refocus and gain back the control of our business. When you work from home you must try to find that deeply rooted dedication, self-motivation and inspiration that put you on this track to being with. Every day is a new challenge and you must learn to expect the unexpected, for when you work from home there is no rhyme or reason to how your day will go.

If you are finding out the hard way about the downside of working from home, then try to muster up the strength to take a day or two off. We all need time to refocus and figure out what is the best direction to go so that we can feel whole and feel good about our decision to be a work at home professional.

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. Biggest downside for me is summer. Kids always have to be somewhere so I barely get time to work during the day.

    1. Summer has proven to be difficult this year for me. Normally it wasn’t that difficult but this year is just so off kilter for me. I too find I am getting little work done during daytime hours.

    1. I can understand this thought for sure. I started my blog Happily Blended in 2008 then sold it in 2016. I started it as a means to be full time from home. Of course, I didn’t think just blogging would be the income I made but it did turn out that way at first. Now I do many other things from home. I love being home full time but admit I miss the adult socialization sometimes.

    1. It is difficult to find a balance. Working from home is hard, but once you master some sort of balance and find the beauty in it, the days are easier and happier 🙂

  2. My biggest struggles as a work from home mom is my crazy toddler! LOL Her idea of entertainment is having me hold her while she wiggles about. I don’t really get much done during the day so I try to nap with her and when she goes down for the night I’m not too tired and can work till 1-2am.

    1. I remember those days. They do fly by, mine are now turning 9,11 and 15. The toddler days were certainly more of a juggling act and late nights.

  3. I honestly hate working from home. I spend more time per week on work than I did with a regular job, only i make less money and it’s way more stressful.

    1. I am sorry to hear that. Working from home should be more enjoyable, have you been feeling this way about working from home for a long time now?

  4. Juggling kiddo and work is definitely the toughest thing for me. It’s summer and my daughter just wants to play all day. Unfortunately mama needs to work :-/. It’s so hard balancing it all especially when people like your kids think since you work for yourself, you can work your own hours. Not true at all :-/

  5. I’ve been in search of WAH due to my four kids . I try to be involved in their school as much as possible so it’s the best option for me but the choices are so little . Blogging has become and will become a bigger revenue for me!

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