10 Appliances that Can Increase Productivity in the Kitchen

Your cooking should be quick and productive, so that you have plenty of time to bond with your family. The reliable home appliances dealer AJ Madison, believes the following 10 appliances should be a part of every modern kitchen to increase the productivity in the kitchen.

10 Appliances that Can Increase Productivity in the Kitchen

  1. Air Fryer

I’m sure you want to excite your family with what you cook, but you should also be concerned about their health. Calories aside, fried foods are number one cravings of a foodie, mainly because they are crispy and golden chunks of goodness. What if I tell you fried foods can be made healthy too. Don’t believe me? Try the air fryer. They are small, safe and healthier than conventional deep fryers. And the best part is, you can make anything from French fries to donuts with the same crispy texture, but extra nutritional value.

  1. Electric Kettle

This small appliance makes boiling water 10 times faster than on the stove. You will never get tired of arranging tea parties or making tea for your family members with an electric kettle.

  1. Dishwasher

Enjoying a meal with your family is indeed rewarding. But what about the dreadful pile of dirty dishes waiting to be scrubbed afterward? Make space for a handy dishwasher to do your dish cleaning chore for you. It’s easy to maintain and saves your time, detergent and energy. You can even control it remotely. You’ve given your best at cooking and deserve some rest for sure.

  1. 2 in 1 Juicer/Blender

Keep your family refreshed during the summers with homemade juices and smoothies. With a 2 in 1 juicer/blender, you can prepare any beverage within a minute.

  1. Coffee Machine

Kick-start your mornings with an aromatic cup of coffee! Coffee machines are must-haves for working couples. It saves your time and energy with the breakfast prep that you have to do before leaving for work. Besides, you can enjoy a variety of coffees from cappuccino, lattes, macchiato, Americano, espresso and mocha without any manual effort.

  1. Food Processor

A food processor is another versatile appliance to keep in your kitchen. You can chop, pulse and mash even hard vegetables like carrots. It makes your cooking preparation a lot easier. You can also prepare pie crust, cake batter, cookie dough, sauces, and mince meat in a food processor. It’s as convenient as it gets!

  1. Pressure Cooker

Thanks to technology, your traditional pressure cooker has been upgraded to an instant pot or crock pot. It just makes cooking so easier. You only have to set a timer and forget about it until the timer starts beeping. Make rice, curries, stews, broths and even deep dish pizzas in it. The world is your oyster with this practical utensil.

  1. Convection Oven

Why set up pans and pots just for heating food when you can do it in a convection oven? It heats up your food efficiently in the blink of an eye. It’s a cool option for snacking momentarily. Just with a few ingredients you can prepare pizza bagels, loaded potatoes, assorted toasts and mini pizzas for your family to enjoy.

  1. Electric Mixer

A hand whisk or manual kneading can be very time consuming. Instead opt for an electric or stand mix to make fluffy dough, stiff egg whites, whipped cream and smooth batters. This way you can make time to do other stuff or simply enjoy with your family.

  1. Floor Mopping Robot

Cleaning is a crucial but most tiring job to do. If you want to cook without worrying about the mess you’ll have to clean up, invest in a floor cleaning robot. One such robot is manufactured by iRobot that fits your tough kitchen floor cleaning needs.

10 Appliances that Can Increase Productivity in the Kitchen

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  1. We have all of these except a pressure cooker. I’m really starting to think about getting one because nights are going to be hectic once schools start!

  2. I have most of the appliances in this list, except the air fryer, and the floor mopping robot. These small appliances do make my life easier. Very convenient to have.

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