The Commonly Ignored Challenges Of A Modern Blogger


Blogging is an increasingly attractive prospect for creative mind across the globe. And the thousands of success stories underline the possibilities. Still, while the rewards are plentiful, you’d be a fool to think it’s plain sailing.

Life as a professional blogger poses many different obstacles, many of which are overlooked by most newbies. Here are some of the most vital ones to consider.

#1. Capital

Many new bloggers think that they can start their venture without any money whatsoever. In truth, it’s a far more affordable business model than most, but you should still appreciate the costs involved.

The website will serve as the most important asset in your entire venture, so you must invest it making it look great. This Bluehost review should help you choose the right hosting platform. Meanwhile, you may wish to consider hiring a designer to create the logos and visual elements too.

Additional investments can include marketing, buying cameras, and other crucial tech equipment.

#2. Organization

Good organizational skills are crucial for all businesses, and yours is no different. Blogging is a fairly versatile career path in the sense that you can build a work schedule around other commitments. However, many new bloggers fail to appreciate the fact that readers demand a regular stream of content. Therefore, maintaining control is vital.


Firstly, you must acknowledge that working from home isn’t as easy as many people assume. However, staying organized will help you overcome the distractions. On a separate note, it’s important to acknowledge that writing isn’t the only key aspect of blogging.

You’ll need to write blogs, take photos, upload articles, market the blog, build connections, and so much more. If you thought it was all about putting your views into words, you were sorely mistaken.

#3. Criticism

One of the harshest realities of becoming a blogger is the fact that you cannot please everyone. Moreover, the people that don’t like your work are likely to be far more vocal than the ones that do. If you aren’t thick skinned, you may want to pursue another goal.

The best way to reduce the levels of criticism is to find your niche at the earliest stage possible. Building a readership of people who will relate to the content will go a long way to boosting your cause. Moreover, that positivity should encourage you to rise above the slithers of negativity.


Arguably the best thing about blogging, though, is that competitors aren’t the enemy. Readers will visit multiple blogs, so you can feel free to team up with other professionals. Growing your network will open new doors and can often enable you to create better content. If that doesn’t help you fight back against the naysayers, what will?


Blogging isn’t as easy as some people imagine. However, as long as you are prepared to overcome the potential hurdles, you’ll stand a far better chance of success.

Essentially, if you prevent the negatives from surfacing, the positives will shine through.

The Commonly Ignored Challenges Of A Modern Blogger

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  1. Number one is definitely a misconception for many starting a blog. They think they can start a blog for free and still build a brand. A free blog and no investment is a hobby not a business. Great tips!

  2. This is a great post for those interested in getting into blogging. Especially the ones who think they can just hit publish and they’ll be earning thousands…

  3. You nailed it with cost and criticism. It’s hard to hear after you work so hard writing. To make it worse, sometimes you have to be nice regardless.

    The cost of images is what kills me. I found a couple cool places that let you tweak stock photos. That helps.

  4. I wish some people in my family would get to understand that working from home is not an easy task. As much as I would want to have 8 hours dedicated time to blog or do other online work, that is not possible if you work from home.

  5. You definitely have to be thick skinned to be a blogger. I have had people write negative things about my children’s crafts. I just ignore those Negative Nellies because why waste my time on people like that!

  6. It’s definitely true that blogging isn’t an easy as it looks! There’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes for each and every post… some days it can be pretty overwhelming but it’s worth it!

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