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5 Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever #PositiveVibes

5 Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever #PositiveVibes

You will hear me say this over and over again, there’s no way to have a life full of happiness. Sure you can be happy with life, but there will always be a time when a curve ball is tossed at you and you have to climb out of its way somehow. If you are going through a hard time right now and not sure how to make today your best day ever, then read on for 5 ways to make today your best day ever!

5 Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever

Be Present

Let go of anything that’s occupying your mind. All of our stress and bills will be here tomorrow. If you are overwhelmed to the point that you are not even present in the day to day life of your household, then you need to stop right now. Being present is the most important thing to family.

One Important Thing

Okay, sure there are needs to tend to as an adult. Instead of piling up all of your responsibilities into one day, take today to only do one important thing. Let go of everything else and be mindful of completing just this one important thing today.

Make a Plan

Take today to plan the perfect-for-you life. Do you see stress piling on and happiness fading? Then it’s time to make a plan to change. Take back control of your life today and plan to take the steps necessary to create the perfect-for-you life.

Go for a Walk

Get out of the house and take a walk. This can be with family, a pet or friends, really doesn’t matter. Often times when we sit inside of the home for far too long and are consumed with daily life we are not making today the best day ever. Get outside, go for a walk!

Be Grateful

Today is the only day that is guaranteed. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, this is why it’s so important to make today your best day ever. Be grateful for all that you do have, even if it’s minimal. You are alive, breathing and have at least one person who loves you in this world.

5 Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever

Today is what you make of it. Let go of all the adult responsibility stuff, it will be there tomorrow. Take time today to make it the best day ever using these ideas I shared above!

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  1. This is really good. You are right, bills and worries can’t be one’s main focus 24/7. I work from home and need to get off the computer so I’ll take my dogs outside and work in my yard for a while. Life is too short to worry!

  2. Those are great tips. I agree that it’s so important to be present. Often, I find myself worrying about things in the future that may not event happen so I have to bring myself back to the present where all is okay.

  3. Love this so much! Being grateful is so important. There are times when I feel down about something and counting my blessings always brightens up my day.

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