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How Dogs React versus How Cats React

How Dogs React versus How Cats React


There are two types of people in the world; cat people, and dog people. There are a number of differences between the two, and even those of us who love both equally tend to have a leaning of a preference towards one side.

It’s not just the owners that are different, though – cats and dogs are as different from one another as night and day. In fact, there’s a good chance that it’s how we feel about these behaviors that dictates whether or not we consider ourselves to be a cat or a dog person.

Anyone who has ever owned both a cat and a dog will know the difference in how these two most popular furry friends see the world. There will always be the occasional outlier for their species, but for the most part, enjoying and celebrating the very different ways that cats and dogs react to this is all a part of their charm!

Scenario: Walkies Time!  

How A Cat Reacts: “What? Just how old do you think I am? You’re not putting that harness on me if you value your epidermis, let’s put it like that.”

How A Dog Reacts: “Endless! Explosions! Of! Excitement! I was beginning to doubt you but you know what, no owner as frankly marvelous as you would ever forget, let’s go!”

Scenario: Let’s Snuggle In Front Of The Fire!  

How A Cat Reacts: “Sure, we can snuggle in front of the fire. Obviously it’s going to be on my terms, though. If I decide your current position is uncomfortable to me, I am going to knead you into oblivion, and you’re going to be okay with that. It’s nice we understand one another. Now let me immediately get in your seat the moment you stand up.”

How A Dog Reacts: “This is why you’re the best owner ever and we have the best home imaginable. So warm; so cozy. I’m going to fall asleep and snore through your favorite TV show, but you’re such a great owner I know you’re not going to mind!”

Scenario: Time For A Flea Treatment! 

How A Cat Reacts: “Well, you’re clearly going to try and kill me with that. Even if I’m in a good mood – which I probably won’t be – I’m still going to do all I can to get out of the way and make your life as difficult as possible. Oh, and don’t think this is over even when you’ve managed to get it on my skin. I’m going to sulk. For. hours.”

How A Dog Reacts: “Ooh yay! You’re the best owner in the world, obviously, so let me stand still while you get some of that best flea and tick treatment for dogs on – oh you’d already done it? Oh you really are clever, I didn’t even notice. Now call me a good boy and let me bask in your praise.”

Scenario: Let’s Go To See The Vet!  

How A Cat Reacts: “If you think that you’re getting me into that carrier then you’ve got another think coming. If you do manage it, then I am going to yowl, and yowl, and yowl – all the while shooting you glances that make it clear you know just how much I feel you have betrayed me.”

How A Dog Reacts: “Going where? Oh you know what I don’t care – let’s go!”

Do you consider yourself to be a dog person or a cat person?



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  1. While I have both a cat and dog, I am totally a cat person. I have had a cat that didn’t mind being walked on a leash, when I was much younger. And my dog doesn’t like to go anywhere in the car while the cat doesn’t fight it.

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