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How Traveling Mends a Broken Relationship

How Traveling Mends a Broken Relationship

Relationships and marriages take real work; I am quickly finding this out. The cool thing about my current relationship is that I truly feel like we both are on the same page of understanding we want the future together which means we will have to compromise, communicate and accept moments when we simply don’t like each other. Think about two human beings, each are different in how they look, how they think and what they believe in. Two human beings trying to be in a long term relationship can obviously lead down some troubling paths, but these troubling paths don’t have to be the end of the world. Ha! I feel like my boyfriend when I say that. You see, I always run. Trouble hits and I am done, over it, goodbye! That’s simply what my life in relationships has been. I hate to admit that, but hey, I am trying to keep it real here for you all.

How Travel Can Mend a Broken Relationship

While my initial thought process used to be that fight or flight thought pattern, over the last couple of years I have actually reduced my fight or flight response and taken the time to evaluate my relationship in a whole new mindset. With that being said, one area I noticed that helps mend a broken relationship is the idea that you both travel together. Surely you can take some week-long vacation to a warm climate or your favorite location but reality is you don’t have to travel far to mend a broken relationship.

Just a simple change of scenery works.

My boyfriend and I are headed into year three together and it’s been quite the journey these last two years. While we both don’t think exactly alike and do not always agree on how to handle situations or how to behave in certain scenarios, we have come to a place where we have mutual respect and try our best to understand the other. That’s the biggest key I have learned is that he doesn’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with him, but we can learn the agree to disagree mindset so that we remain together, in love and committed to the long term results we want together.

Part of our long term commitment to each other is to ensure we keep our communication skills strong. We work really hard to state things in a way that allows the other person to hear us. Often times human beings state problems in an attacking way, and that simply gets a defensive response. This is counterproductive in the ways of mending a broken relationship. This breakdown in communication will simply push you two farther apart. I say you two need to do what we do, take a day long road trip!

How Travel Can Mend a Broken Relationship

Every other weekend my kiddos are away with their Dads, this means we get about four days a month to ourselves. What started as a simple, “what shall we do today” during our dating years, turned into a lifelong commitment of taking every other weekend road trips together. It’s a brilliant idea! To current date we take at least 2 day long road trips every other weekend to destination unknown. We put up our electronics, we grab a pen and paper and we simply drive all over New England traveling to see what we see. During our drives we may stop to sit by a pond and chit chat, or we talk along the route about our future, our business and our feelings towards each other.

I firmly believe that traveling helps mend a broken relationship because it gets you two away from the everyday scenery of your household and helps transition your mind to a more relaxed thought process. For me, I hate driving but he loves driving, this means he is relaxed when driving and I am more relaxed when riding. It’s a perfect way for us to feel at ease and enjoy each other beyond the day to day tasks of running a business and raising kids. We are both able to let out our thoughts, discuss ways in which we can improve our bond and our business. We even have a pad of paper with a pen in the vehicle so that we can jot down notes, this helps us to reconnect and mend any portions of our relationship that may be broken.

You see, traveling with my boyfriend helps to remind me of our fun connection. He makes me smile, laugh and shake my head. In these moments on the road, I realize what our true connection is, it’s something deeper than our surface emotions and stress levels, and it’s something that could result in a lifetime commitment of two people who truly desire to be together. Travel reminds us of how much fun we have together and of all that we have survived through together which in turn can mend a broken relationship.

I know the term broken relationship seems like I am discussing a relationship that is done and over with, but that’s not the case. I firmly believe every relationship or marriage has moments where they feel broken. This broken relationship feeling can be based on experiences that truly pertain to the couple and they must determine to separate or that feeling can be based on experiences that simply were two people misunderstanding the other one and traveling helps them to communicate better and mend those broken portions of their relationship. I truly believe a day road trip can do your relationship wonders, so try it and see how it works out for you. Remember, as with any strategy to mend something, you must do this more than once in order to see the long term results.

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  1. I always feel closer to my husband after traveling. It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day things so time away together is perfect for just enjoying each other again.

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