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The Floating Bridge in Brookfield, Vermont

The Floating Bridge in Brookfield, Vermont

Today I want to feature a beautiful travel New England destination that brings you to a quiet and quaint town. When you happen down the dirt road that leads you to the floating bridge in Brookfield, Vermont you will feel as if you are being transported back in time. The small area has a beautiful lake called Sunset Lake where you can fish and swim, perhaps take the paddle boat out with the kids too.

The Floating Bridge in Brookfield Vermont

There is a restaurant, at least one we saw and then a couple of inns situated right there near the Brookfield floating bridge. We have gone to this location about three times, once in the winter season to simply see what the area looked like, but the bridge isn’t open during that season by the looks. The last time we went, I shared a few photos about it on the blog but this time is the most exciting visit ever.

We happened to go to this New England destination close to sunset, later in the day when the sunshine allowed for beautiful drone photography to happen. I am amazed at the photographs that Mike captured of this location with our drone.

The Floating Bridge in Brookfield Vermont

This is a historical spot in Vermont and has a historical marking seated right there at the start of the bridge. I love walking across it and feeling as if you are floating. The bridge looks like it’s something else, floating above the water in the photo above. Almost as if you are fooled and that bridge is simply a dock across the lake where visitors can walk.


But alas, you can drive and walk across this Brookfield floating bridge and perhaps if you are seeking a quaint and quiet place to stay, look up this area and have a peek at your options to stay at the Inn to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world for awhile. Brookfield floating bridge is located on Vermont 65 and is found using Google Maps when you type in Floating Bridge Brookfield Vermont. If you can’t seem to get the GPS to fully locate the floating bridge, just get yourself to Brookfield, Vermont and you will surely see signs on which direction to go.

If you want to see our on the ground photos of our last visit there, click here to read more about our adventures when we went to this beautiful location previously.

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  1. I love the photo. The lake looks so serene. How interesting it is to have a floating bridge. I would love to visit and know more about this. Thanks for letting me know about a great travel spot.

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