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What Makes Guinea Pigs Good Pets

What Makes Guinea Pigs Good Pets

A guinea pig? Many people consider getting guinea pigs as pets. After all, these little balls of fur are awful adorable in the pet store. You may have considered getting a guinea pig, maybe not. But what makes them such good pets? Why should you add this cute rodent to your family? Here’s five reasons why.

What Makes a Guinea Pig a Good Pet




Smaller rodents may last at most three to five years of age. However, guinea pigs live five to seven years on average. Some have lived longer, and many can if taken care of properly. This way, you can have a longer-lived pet. This helps families with children, because children tend to get attached to pets and having something that lives longer would help.

Good with all ages

Guinea pigs are rodents. But, they’re a lot less fragile and finicky than rats, mice, or hamsters. This makes them better for younger, elementary age children, along with older kids and adults. They tend to be a lot easier to hold for smaller children and there’s less worry of a young one hurting it. This makes them a good pet for families.

Easy to care for

Of course, all pets require basic necessities. Although, guinea pigs are relatively easier to care for. They need food, water, some hay, and a vitamin C source of some sort. But, they remain in a cage with paper-based bedding that only really has to be thoroughly taken out and replaced once  a week. Then the natural social time every day or as much as you can. They don’t need too much daily attention and scrutiny, and don’t make a mess if you keep up with it.


Most don’t realize this, but guinea pigs have personality. There are rambunctious, quiet, grouchy, outgoing, and many more personalities these little fluffs have. It’s super cute and fun to see the different personalities of guinea pigs, or the different personalities one can have.


Guinea pigs make a huge array of sounds and noises. From squeaks to shrieks to chitters to even purring. Yes, guinea pigs purr too! These little bundles are so quirky and adorable with all their different noises they make.

There are probably more reasons to add to this list. But, that would take a lot longer to talk about. Those are the biggest and most noticeable reasons why guinea pigs are such good pets. Maybe you’ll consider adding one of these little balls of fluff to your family!

This post is dedicated to Dunkin Donuts, our guinea pig who passed away recently. We love you Dunkin, you were a great addition to the family for over five years, may you rest in peace.

What Makes a Guinea Pig a Good Pet

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