FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses #ACLensHalloween

I have two children that are majorly into anime, while I admit I don’t get it and I am unable to get into this anime kick, I do know that my middle and oldest child are asking for contact lenses. These contact lenses make their eyes look like some anime person, for the middle kid it’s all about looking like the characters he likes most and for my oldest, well, I think it’s a great way for her to add to her Halloween attire by getting some FDA approved Halloween contact lenses. Whatever the kids reasoning is, doesn’t really matter, what matters most to me as a mom is that they are FDA approved Halloween contact lenses. I want their eyes to be safe, period.

Halloween Contact Lenses #ACLensHalloween

While I may not understand or be on the bandwagon for this anime stuff or Halloween contact lenses, I can be 100% on board when I know that there are FDA approved contact lenses available. I don’t mind my kids going all out this Halloween or even on a regular day to simply have that cosplay type dress up. I am simply put, all about safety and being the parent I am suppose to be for them.

About AC Lens Halloween Contact Lenses

  • All contact lenses on AC Lens are FDA approved
  • Per US law, all customers must have a prescription from their eye doctor to wear contact lenses.
  • AC Lens verifies all prescriptions with the eye doctor to ensure proper prescriptions are being sent.
  • Don’t need eyeglasses or contacts? Don’t worry – they sell a lot of plano (or 0.00 prescription) contact lenses that can be worn by people who don’t require vision correction. A prescription is still required from your eye doctor to ensure you have the correct base curve and that your eyes are good to wear contacts.
  • All contact lenses ship from AC Lens’ USA based warehouse and arrive within 1-5 days of eye doctor verification.

AC Lens Cares About Eye Safety

There you have it, as you can see AC Lens cares about your eye safety and takes extra steps to ensure their FDA approved Halloween contact lenses are safe for you and your kids this Halloween season. Whether you are looking to have some cosplay fun or simply want to add that extra bang to your Halloween costume this year, AC Lens has many options.

I personally love the vampire eyes, there’s something creepy about having the full Halloween costume, eyes and all for the full experience of a truly scary Halloween.


10 thoughts on “FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses #ACLensHalloween

  1. I had never considered contacts for Halloween! I remember having different colored contact lenses when I was in high school and college, but knew those had really been phased out.

  2. FDA approved the better. When it comes to the eyes of little ones we have to be careful. It’s good to be fun and creative, but also safe.

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