10 Reasons I love Thanksgiving

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. It seems like each year time goes by a little bit faster. Sometimes I think Thanksgiving gets pushed aside and hidden because of Black Friday that follows right after. I thought to give Thanksgiving the love and attention it deserves in sharing 10 reasons why I love […]

Easy on the Champagne: Think Before You Drink on the Plane

Imagine you’re embarking on a wonderful vacation. The aircraft has taken off, and you’re in a happy and celebratory mood. Is it a good idea to uncork a bottle of champagne mid-air? Maybe not. In fact, it might be a better idea to wait to crack the bubbly until after you land. Read on, and […]

The ultimate list of fruit infuser water bottles. From small to large and everything in between, this is the BEST list of fruit infuser water bottles ever.

The BEST Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

As an individual, I am a big water drinker. I love me some water. I don’t care if it’s fresh from the tap, a running stream or in a bottle from a store. I simply love to drink water. The filtered water is the best, and honestly, the Zero Water Pitcher is the highest rated […]

Marble Quarry that Built New York Public Library

Marble Quarry that Built New York Public Library

When you travel across New England, you certainly come across some really beautiful scenes. From the farm fields stretching for miles in Vermont to the deep history embedded in New Hampshire’s countryside, the views are simply gorgeous. Two weekends a month, that’s four days a month, we hop in that van and we hit the […]

Steps For Improving Business Communication Skills

Making sure you have strong communication skills in your business life is key. This is one life skill that can really help you to have success in your business or job. I am going to share steps for improving business communication skills if you feel you need help in this area. Having strong business language […]

Top Hiking Routes in the USA​

Top Hiking Routes in the USA​

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/11/07/11/40/man-1031385_960_720.jpg From the glaciers of Alaska to the Arizonian red rocks, some of the hiking trails in the USA are hard to resist.   With over 6000 state parks, it’s quite difficult to choose the trail route for your adventure trip. This is why we have compiled the best hiking routes in the USA for […]