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Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite season of all. The weather isn’t too hot nor too cold, although some evenings you may question putting the furnace on. Overall fall brings about a peace within me. My first born child’s birthday is in October as is mine. I simply love fall. Everything about fall brings me joy.

Two years ago in October on one of our random road trip weekends, we happened upon some new friends. Of course, we had to get out of the van and introduce ourselves.

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

I believe we were in the town of Plainfield, NH but neither of us can quite recall. All I know is that we happened upon a small NH town where pumpkin people were everywhere. While I introduced myself in a friendly manner while maintaining personal space, Mike got a little close.

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

I admit I miss these type of moments we used to have a plenty of two years ago, but times change and things happen. Life has been challenging for us adults the last year or so, but I hope these silly times come back during this favorite season of mine, for we both could use some giggles.

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

We found pumpkin people working on cars and standing on the side of the road. We even ran across this hitchhiking pumpkin person and debated picking him up.

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

This was a fun adventure that left us feeling pretty awesome. Laughter was had and we have these photos of memories. I hope we can find this small town in NH again to say hello to our pumpkin friends again but if not, I know this season of fall will be well enjoyed the best we can.

Hanging with Pumpkin People Plus Fall Bucket List

There are so many things to do in the fall season since I love this season so much I wanted to share a cute fall bucket list with you all today. Feel free to click here to download the PDF of this fall bucket list for yourself. This free fall bucket list is sure to encourage you to have a little family fun this fall season.


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  1. What great photos! The pumpkin people pictures are so cute and so perfect for fall. Fun that you saw them on a family road trip.

    1. I just found out the town has an actual map that we can follow to find all of the pumpkin people! I think we are going to do that as a road trip soon so we can feature this year’s pumpkin people since our photos are from two years ago!

  2. You were in Plainfield NH! This is my home town! We love our tradition of Pumpkin People! Thanks for visiting and please come again 🎃

    1. We will most certainly be coming again, this was 2 years ago. We drove through this evening and saw some Halloween ones, pretty cool ones. Can’t wait to take photos of the Pumpkin People this year in Plainfield, NH 🙂

  3. You were indeed in Plainfield, NH, my home town! The Plainfield Pumpkin People have a facebook page and awesome new entries this year 🙂

  4. I have never seen a single pumpkin person around here! It does look like fun, but it would be scary at night though. I love the Fall and all its perks – creamy, heartwarming, thick and chunky soups, apple cider, fresh homemade breads, the nippy weather, the beautiful colors of the leaves. Perfect!

  5. You guys are a crack-up! Fall’s my favorite with all the fun things to do and yummy things to do. Got to print our your list & start crossing things off!

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