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What Can Virtual Assistants Do For Bloggers

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For Bloggers

If you are a blogger you know it takes many hats to multi-task through creating fresh content, creating images for Pinterest, dealing with social media, and the list continues. You may be debating if you should hire someone to help you come up with fresh content, or do keyword research so you can rank high in Google searches, and let me say it is a great option.

Virtual assistants can really help you grow bigger and stronger than you could ever imagine. It frees up your valuable time so you can put a lot of focus on the area you thrive in most. Say you are great with social media engagement, but you don’t get the time you need. Hiring a VA to complete other tasks for you each month, gives you that time. You might begin to see money coming in more consistently, and traffic picks up.

Virtual Assistants will vary in what they charge, depending on the tasks. You can search around on the web and find tons of people willing to help you work.

What can Virtual Assistants Do

You might be amazed at the many tasks I will list below that you can outsource to a virtual assistant! Having someone else who specializes in a specific area, can help improve your website. Below are some basic ideas to get your creative mind flowing with what a virtual assistant can do for you:

  • Keyword research
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Updates on Your Blog
  • Tagging Images on Old Posts
  • Edit Your Posts
  • Transcription
  • Creating Videos
  • Managing Emails
  • Creating Recipes or Crafts
  • Creating Pinterest and Social Media Images
  • Writing Content
  • Reach out to Companies for Reviews
  • Commenting on Other Blogs on Your Behalf
  • Sponsored Content Creation
  • Giveaway Promotions
  • Technical Support
  • Creating Clickable PDF’s for your holiday gift guide.
  • And Much More

Cost of a Virtual Assistant

what can virtual assistants do

Virtual Assistants will vary in what they charge, depending on the tasks. You can search around on the web and find tons of people willing to help you work. You can find Facebook Groups that are offering their services, search websites and more. You might be amazed at how many bloggers hire out people to write content, do SEO keyword research, and manage social media.

When you hand over the reigns to the mundane tasks, you have more time to focus where you need it. I highly recommend hiring out virtual assistants as they can really be a lifesaver to a blogger.


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  1. Great information about VAs. I know a lot of full time bloggers who have virtual assistants to help out with blogging tasks. I personally have not considered one because I want to keep blogging as my fun hobby thing.

  2. Awesome! I see so much more I could be doing for my current clients. I might even get a few new clients if I branch on with a few of these ideas.

  3. Having a great team makes all the difference. A VA makes it possible for me to get the content portion of blogging done. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

  4. I hired a VA a few months ago and she is a lifesaver! You’re right, it helps me focus on creating content. I haven’t given her 100% of social media yet….maybe when I’m earning more to afford it! 🙂

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