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How to Grow Together In A Relationship

How to Grow Together In A Relationship

When you start out in a new relationship, you have the honeymoon phase, where the love you have is strong and you want to spend all your time together. As your relationship grows, you have to keep nurturing it, or you could begin to grow apart. Below are some tips on how to grow together in a relationship, not apart.

Relationships are hard, you will fight, and have to learn to work through it, have different opinions about certain topics, and other similar obstacles. To build a strong relationship you need a good foundation. Communication is key, and when you work together to overcome the hard times, you will begin to build a solid and strong foundation in your relationship. I will share more tools below that will help you to grow together instead of drifting apart.

Tools for Growing Together In A Relationship

How to Grow Together In A Relationship

Don’t Settle

Find a relationship that makes you feel and be the best version of yourself. Don’t settle in your relationship or just stay in it because you have been together for a certain amount of time and you don’t want to start all over. A good relationship is a gift and take, and you have to be committed to learning and growing, and always working at improving.


Communication is the number one thing for a healthy relationship. When you learn how to communicate with your partner, it is a vital tool for working through and overcoming obstacles as well as growing stronger. When you share what hurt you, how you feel, and why you love your partner it can help you grow. Don’t be afraid to voice your feelings in a helpful positive way.


This goes along with communication, but listening is imperative. Really hear what your partner is trying to tell you, so you can connect emotionally. If your partner voices you hurt them, hear them out. Or if they are struggling, help them work through the issue.


When an argument arises, learn to forgive. Ever hear the saying, “Don’t go to bed angry.” That is solid advice and should be followed. Learn to forgive quickly, move forward and not hold a grudge.

Quality Time

Make sure to carve out quality time with your significant other. This is a vital part of reminding yourself why you are together and why you fell in love with your partner. Even if it is eating dinner together or a walk in a park, focusing on each other will help the relationship grow stronger. Having that one-on-one time and being able to talk and grow is key.


When you decide to commit to a relationship, you work hard to make it work, through the good and bad times. It is a commitment to your partner to love them through all paths in life, support them, be faithful, communicate, and much more. By committing you work hard to show your partner the love and encouragement they need.

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Time Apart

Just like spending time together, you also need to make the time to spend apart. Do things with your friends or family that you enjoy and same for your partner. It helps your relationship grow when you are not together 24/7.


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