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The Great Vermont Corn Maze

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

If you’re seeking adventure and hours of family fun, then next fall season you should really check out The Great Vermont Corn Maze. One kid full weekend, as I call it, I had this inkling to do something fun. I wanted to go apple picking, but the eldest wasn’t interested so I decided that we would all do something different. For years I had taken the kids to a corn maze in the Hopkinton, NH area but it was a smaller one, and not really good for kids who have grown nearly as tall as me. Upon researching, I found The Great Vermont Corn Maze and was quickly sold on the idea of going.

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The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Packing up the Van

As my frugal side is starting to return, I packed up a lunch and waters for the family. Anyone who wanted a lunch had it packed up and ready in the van. The various water bottles we have around the home were packed up full of cold water. When you decide to drive nearly 2 hours somewhere with 3 kids in tow, preparedness matters. I never was the one who stopped at convenience stores for waters or food; pack up what you can and bring it with you. The kids also grabbed the cell phone and tablet chargers with their devices to have entertainment along the ride. Coloring books, crayons, pencils and drawing paper are another great option to bring along with a kid full road trip.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Arriving at The Great Vermont Corn Maze

When we arrived we found little parking, as the field was full of vehicles. This was certainly a happening place. Many people from out of state were here ready to take on The Great Vermont Corn Maze. My oldest even ran into one of her close friends, which is funny since we were about two hours away from home. Upon arrival, I was in awe of the location. Beautiful views, cows, goats, long line of people and a stand outside selling homemade goodies, such as jelly or jam. The price is reasonable, although I think it was about $60 for all 5 of us together, the larger maze is said to take about 2 or 3 hours tops, not too bad for a day to get the kids out being active.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Check out the website for full pricing here.

Checking in for The Great Vermont Corn Maze

We had to wait in a decent size line while a man told us some rules, gave us a map and sent us on our way to go check in and pay for our adventure. There were items for sale to keep as souvenirs for The Great Vermont Corn Maze and water, soda, and candy as well as some delicious popcorn for sale to bring along with you in the maze. Even though we had brought water and lunch for anyone who wanted it, I knew going through this large corn maze wasn’t ideal without getting some water and sugar in the kids. We opted to get the youngest some candy, the older two popcorn and then a couple of bottles of water for us to share. Figured a little food in the belly would help keep mood stable if we got lost, bored or took too long in The Great Vermont Corn Maze.


Enjoy the Corn Maze

We paid, ventured into the maze and went off on our journey. We were able to get a photo of us with the kids for like I think the first time ever. Some other person in the corn maze offered to grab my tablet and snap a photo. I apologize for the blue tint to the photos in this, my tablet camera settings were completely off base. Each photo taken with my table has a blue tint and that’s my fault for somehow messing up the camera settings.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

While we didn’t complete The Great Vermont Corn Maze longer trail 100%, as we switched to the shorter trail at some point, we did spend a good few hours in the corn maze until the kids started to get hot, restless and annoyed. I believe the longer {more difficult} maze wasn’t a good fit for us, but that’s why The Great Vermont Corn Maze has two options. You truly can enjoy this location with the littles, if you take a shorter version of the maze instead.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Aerial Photos from Ambit Drone

I am no longer associated with Ambit Drone but keeping the reference to give credit to who the photos were taken from.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Be sure to like The Great Vermont Corn Maze on Facebook, they are very interactive. Their website says they will open on August 1, 2018, so add that to your calendar.

Have you ever gone to a corn maze? Did you enjoy it?


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  1. Oh wow! That is a-maiz-ing. Da-da-dun. I know dumb pun. Seriously, though, I have never done a corn maze before. We have one down the street and it’s supposed to be one of the biggest in the Southeast. David keeps saying he wants to go. I hope we actually get to do it this year.

  2. We’ve never done a real corn maze, but it looks like so much fun! I had no idea they were so huge! Definitely need to see if there’s one near us; the kids would love it.

  3. I wish I lived closer so I could visit this corn maze! We do one with our kids every Fall but the corn mazes around us are kind of small and run down. This maze sounds like a blast!

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