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Twitter Starts Shadow Banning Members

Twitter Starts Shadow Banning Members

Users of the social media platform,, have recently started to figure out that they are not showing up in the search results for hashtags or any updates. While members are still able to log into their Twitter account and post updates to the platform, they are shocked to find that their clients are contacting them to say that the updates are not being shown in search results. This is kind of a big deal!

With many bloggers and other social media experts being paid to push various ads or sales pitches on Twitter, it’s no fun when they find out that they have been shadow banned. Their reach drops on this platform and in turn, they start to get declined for upcoming social media campaigns. Bloggers are the people I interact with the most, they are upset, frustrated and scared. Many are curious why Twitter is doing this and when they finally are able to converse with a human being on Twitter support they find out the shocking response, Twitter workers will tell you that there is no such thing as the concept of being shadow banned. I have news for you, it is true and it is real.

After many discussions, following along with threads from friends and in Facebook groups, I have yet to figure out what truly causes one to get shadow banned. I simply know that it’s nothing you can stop from happening and when it does happen, there’s no one solution that solves everyone’s issue. Many started to think it was automated programs that caused a trip in Twitters spam bot algorithms, but that’s not the case either. Many who have been shadow banned on Twitter confess to not using any automated tools what so ever.

Next up, the theory is that Twitter is cracking down on bloggers. While this is a likely idea, since so many bloggers are being paid to promote the same hashtags and the same brands nearly every day, it still doesn’t quite suit the masses. There are people who are not bloggers, do not do campaigns that utilize the same hashtags of hundreds of people and are still being shadow banned on Twitter. The discussions are happening and we can theorize what is going on but without Twitter even acknowledging that shadow banning is real, well we are forced to figure this out on our own.

As an active member of since late 2008 or early 2009, I have grown fond of this platform. Twitter is the best place for me to reach for click thrus and often is the place I prefer to discuss my bad days. I love the community I have on Twitter and have admittedly slowed down on automation usage with CoSchedule and RetweetChores being the only two forms of automation I have in use for my profile. I also take the time to interact with my friends on there whenever I can. I get on the mobile version when waiting for kids at school, I hop on via PC in the morning, middle of the day and evening to do some random engagement or updates. I have not been shadow banned, but again this doesn’t mean it is the solution for everyone.


Have you been shadow banned? What steps did you take to get it lifted?

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  1. Shadowbanning has been around for a long time, but we’re only just now seeing it. I’ve been banned before myself, and it’s so hard to get reinstated. Do you know they STILL deny that it’s even a thing?!

  2. I have been hearing a lot about shadowbanning these days… It is scary and I will have to keep watch for this, I have heard that it is difficult to get the ban lifted…

  3. This is such a frustrating problem to be having with Twitter! I bet that Shadow Ban Checker will be a great resource to help to deal with such a confusing issue.

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