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Analyzing Chore Thread Work Load

Analyzing Chore Thread Work Load

Chore threads are a great way to gain exposure to your business, blog, affiliate links and anything else that you are using a blog to push out there to the world. As many know, we have just under 10 platforms geared to save time and help entrepreneurs as well as bloggers save time and increase engagement. While these platforms are partially thought of by myself plus Mike, many are built from ideas Mike gets when he watches me get my work done or interacts with others in the Facebook groups we run.

Analyzing Chore Thread Work Load

Analyze Data

With each chore thread you participate in, you should have access to the data that is being returned from said thread. This means you don’t want to spend hours upon hours participating in a group thread that isn’t getting you results. In order to analyze data so that you are using your time wisely, you must review any sign-ups, affiliate earnings, and traffic that comes from each chore thread you participate in.

Make Changes

As you work to analyze the data, given that you have access to analyze the results from your hard work, you then are able to make changes based on that data. If you find that no sign-ups, affiliate earnings or traffic is coming from a particular thread then you can make the change to participate in a different group or do so on a different day. Analyze all data to ensure you are making the most of your end of the night time so that you don’t feel like you are working for nothing.


If you work with someone, it’s important that you both are able to access and know the data. Each should be able to communicate what chore threads are being done, where the income or traffic is being shown and then work together for a solid plan as to which chore threads seem to get the most results. If communication is not there, and you are simply working on chore threads without the data access because you work in a partnership – the chore threads will be a waste of time.

Don’t Shoot Darts in The Dark

If you feel that you can’t analyze the proper data to ensure that your end of night time to complete chore threads isn’t a waste of your time, then you have to make some decisions on your own. Personally, I work as a blogger, ghostwriter, and marketing person for our platforms too. These different job titles make it so that I have to be very careful as to where I am spending my time. If one area is making more money than the other area, then I must always put more focus on that. Don’t shoot darts in the dark simply means that you can only work towards things you are able to analyze.

Move Forward and Make Good Decisions

Now that you have taken the time to analyze data, know your information and figure out which chore threads work well for you; it’s time to focus on what works and what doesn’t work. There’s no need in spending countless hours doing chore threads that aren’t returning results. If you find that communication isn’t so hot in the partnership, well that’s something that can’t keep business down either. So again you will have to make the best decision for your own sanity. Move forward by making the best decision possible with the data you have access to. Chore threads take up a lot of time and they are important but only important if being used to actually return results. If you aren’t getting the results or able to see the results of your hard work – move on and make good decisions with your time going forward.

With that being said, chore threads are a great way to gain exposure to your business blog, affiliate links or anything else that you are using a blog to push out to there to the world. Use these tips shared today as a means to keep track of what threads work best, how you can change up images and make the content better to achieve success in your business goals.

Do you analyze which threads work best for your mission?

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. I don’t do it in any kind of scientific way. But with these threads, you can tell the % of reciprocation when you’ve been doing it a while. I kinda do A/B testing too. And I’ve found that their impact on my traffic is very small so I really only join if I have the time to complete them or if I need a little boost for a certain post.

  2. Great info. I sometimes do chore threads for some of my work, but never really thought about it. Just sit down and do it. I think this is a great way to sit and look at things. What I need to spend time on and what I don’t.

  3. The problem that I have is that I get so excited and join WAY too many chore threads at once. Then comes time to complete them I’m up till 4 am when I should be in bed! lol I’ve never even thought about analyzing its results.

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