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How to Keep Yourself Motivated As A Busy Mom

How to Keep Yourself Motivated As A Busy Mom

One day you might wake up and feel like you can conquer the world, and the next day it takes all you have to brush your teeth and put on clothes. Losing motivation as a busy mom is totally normal, and we all deal with it. I wanted to share some tips on how to keep yourself motivated as a busy mom. Being a mom is challenging, and when you add in the other items from your to-do lists each day, it is easy to get burned out.

These steps below are to help you to create a system that can keep you going on those hard days. That sometimes when you force yourself to keep going you will find that motivation and determination might begin to kick in shortly after.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated As A Busy Mom
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How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Me Time

Make sure you make some “me” time a priority in your life. By reading a good book, binging on your favorite sitcom, or heading out for a pedicure, is a must. We have to make times for ourselves because quite frankly we are non-stop giving to others and we need to refuel! By getting a little break it can help give you the strength to get up and repeat your day and errands.

Lift Your Spirits

On those days where you just feel down and not sure why, try a mood booster. Diffuse some of your favorite essential oil for moods (lemon or orange are my go-to), read a devotional book, or even dance to some music. Find a way that you can find happiness in the day. This will help give you fuel to get going.

Create A Routine

By creating a routine it will help you stay focused on the day. Create a routine that fits your family’s unique dynamic. Practice finding what works best for you and your family’s needs. Place a list of shower times for each child, designate an area for kids backpacks and coats, etc. That way you create order. Maybe write up a chore chart, and then designate times your child needs to complete the chores. Whatever tasks you need, find a way to make it work. Same goes for cleaning, I love to break down days so on certain days I clean certain areas of my home. That way 20-30 minutes a day is spent cleaning if that, and the house doesn’t overwhelm me with clutter. I then have time to rest and relax.

Create a List

Sometimes I feel so stressed I don’t even know what to do first. I find in those moments creating a list helps me clear out my brain. I have a list on my phone in the notes area, so I can work through to clear off tasks that need to be done. This helps me see the progress I have made, and if I can’t finish all the tasks in one day, I remind myself there is always tomorrow. It helps me stay focused on what I need to do and takes the worry off my mind.

Postive Thinking

Try not to worry and stress about every little thing. We have a choice on how we think, and we can choose to see the good in all situations in our lives. When we go to positive thinking and limit stress, we will find we feel more at peace and are able to enjoy life more. Find some self-help books online to read, to help eliminate the excess stress and think in a more positive light. I love the book, Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyers. It has helped me tremendously.

Motherhood is a journey, and some days are one adventure after the next. Just remember no mother is perfect and it takes time and we make mistakes, forget things, and that is just being human. Motherhood is a balancing act, working hard to get all things done, but at some point, we need to rest and remember we are not perfect. I hope this can help motivate you on those hard days. Remember we all have those days, whether we keep it a secret or scream it from the rooftops.

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  1. I am just a housewife and these are great tips for me as well. I get burnt out and also suffer from anxiety. Taking me time is hard for me to do when I think of the blogging and housework I need to do. I’m going to check out the Joyce Meyers book! \ too.

  2. I know these days so well! Lists really help me – not only to organize my thoughts but also I love the feeling of checking things off of them.

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