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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most consumers get hyper-focused on shopping big every holiday season. The deals shared for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to be pushed through advertising outlets more than the annual Shop Small Business Saturday event. While it’s great to shop small businesses on the Saturday after Black Friday, it’s even better when you learn to shop at small businesses all year round. Supporting the little guy, or mom and pop type shops help inspire a new tradition of supporting our community without trying too hard. Here are 5 reasons why you should shop at small business all year round.

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses

Huge Impact

Small businesses have provided nearly half of the employment industry in the United States alone. Small businesses often understand the little guy and people trying to get a leg up. A small business is more apt to support that father or mother who recently lost their job and simply need an employer to give them another chance. Small businesses have a huge impact on the employment industry which makes it almost like an act of kindness by shopping at their store.

Give back to Community

You will often find that the small business owners give back more to their local community more than the larger corporations. With most large corporations having a focus on larger charity events, you will find the small businesses will focus on local community charity events and organizations. When you shop at the small business located in your community, you are also helping give back to your neighbors without much effort.

Better Customer Service

You will often find that the level of customer serves rises tremendously when shopping at a small business. The smaller businesses haven’t grown too large to care for their average shopper and in turn are able to focus better on customer service than a huge corporation. For any consumer who prefers being treated well by the brand, shopping small business will give you that experience with better customer service than the bigger guys.

You Can Trust Them

Most small businesses are so close-knit within the company that they have earned a high level of trust within your community. This means you can trust these businesses to provide you with excellent merchandise, customer service and a caring staff that’s willing to hear what you are looking for and work to provide you with that need. There is something awesome about shopping at a place you can trust and know that it’s giving back to the community in the process.

Makes you Feel Good

Living a life with inner peace being fulfilled is part of our human nature. When you shop small businesses, it makes you feel good. You know that you are paying a little more for something that was created with more care and supports your community. Being able to buy from a small business and support their venture to grow, is a good way to start feeling good about yourself and in turn, boosts your inner happiness level.

Shopping at small businesses all year round simply makes you feel like a good person. You are purchasing things as gifts or necessary items for your household. With each purchase at a small business, you know that you are providing support to a business that truly cares about their community and the average consumer. When you opt to make a commitment to shop at small businesses all year round, you are making a positive impact on your community and society as a whole.

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