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A Vision Board Can Inspire You Daily

A Vision Board Can Inspire You Daily

When you learn to prioritize things that matter to you, a whole new world opens up. Years and years ago I created a vision board. I only recall a few things that were on it, and of those few things, all came true within 2-3 years of creating the vision board. Now mind you, that vision board was not simply created and piled away somewhere, that board was by my work at home desk every day. I had the vision board placed in a strategic area so that my mind would focus on the goals I had in life, business and all other areas. The vision board served one purpose, to keep me on track with goals while raising three kids.

A Vision Board Can Inspire You Daily BrandyEllen

When things start to spiral downhill in my life I remember that vision board. How wonderful that tool was for me. It served the purpose to stay true to my inner beliefs, work hard and stay on track. I rarely got off track when I had that vision board. I had a relationship during that time, the relationship didn’t work out, but the end of that relationship was a positive experience. We were able to be honest with each other and move on, it was simple. My vision board came with me to the next place I lived and it sat there on my wall beside where I worked. One day I realized that board didn’t suit the goals I had any longer, and I tossed it away.

To date, I have not created a new vision board, but these days as I get frustrated and annoyed with the feeling I am doing more for others than I should be, I realize that a vision board must be created. Hopefully, I can create one soon so that I can remain focused on being committed to myself. As stated the other day, I woke up on November 16, 2017, and will remain true to being committed to myself. I will keep my mind healthy, my thoughts positive, and remain true to my inner core. I will be confident in saying no when necessary and yes when possible.

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A new vision board may be created to inspire me to push forward in some goals that are both personal and business related. I will have the board placed above my desk so that I can see it every day. This will help me to maintain committed to myself, to what matters and ultimately allow me to be a better person for everyone that I love. If you are stuck in a rut, uncertain of what to do and how to pull yourself out of negativity and feel like life is simply sucking lately, I invite you to create your own vision board. Below this blog post are some products and books that will help you create the ultimate vision board for yourself as you work to be happier, healthier and committed to yourself.

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  1. A friend of mind was suggesting a vision board. She has had one for a few years, of course hers is all fancy and artistic but any vision board would be helpful.

  2. I have used a vision board before and I did find it inspirational. It reminded me constantly of what my end goals were on tough days.

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