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How to Use Rafflecopter For Blog Giveaways

How to Use Rafflecopter For Blog Giveaways

If you blog you might find that you run into hosting a giveaway or two on your site at some point when you begin working with clients. A giveaway is like it sounds, you are giving away a product or service for your readers. A lot of times the business you are working with will sponsor the prize. In that, you will need a quick and easy form for your readers to use to enter the giveaway, and a great one is Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter is an entry platform that is great for running giveaways, it makes it easy for the blogger and the users. There is a template you fill out to create the entries you want, add in the prize, and then the readers sign in, and choose which entries they want to enter. Then when it comes time to draw a winner, with a click of a button you can randomly draw a winner. Then just email them directly for their contact information to get the prize sent their way. Easy. Peasy.

How to Use Rafflecopter For Blog Giveaways

Rafflecopter Makes Giveaways Painless for You and Your Readers

Rafflecopter is a really simple and effective way to make hosting giveaways painless and easy for you and your readers. It looks really clean on your site and leaves your readers a quick and easy way to enter. I have found over the years, if you have a template based entry method like Rafflecopter, more people enter, because it is easy. They sign in and enter within minutes. Leaving a blog comment takes time, and if you make that an optional entry, it makes people more eager to enter.

To start using Rafflecopter just go to their website and join for free, and you can easily create your first giveaway in just a few minutes. They offer tutorials as well so you can have the ease of seeing step by step instructions on how to create the perfect giveaway. You may find more benefit to the paid version of Rafflecopter if you host a lot of giveaways, it opens the doors to ease of use for bloggers who host multiple giveaways a month.

Few Giveaway Tips For Success

Make sure you share exactly what the prize is, who is fulfilling it (you or sponsor) and the end date. Also, include how long they have to respond to your email with contact information before you draw a new winner. A lot of bloggers allow the winner 48 hours to respond, or they draw a new winner. I personally have a Giveaway Terms & Conditions page, which will be updated in 2018 to reflect any changes I will have for the new year.

Make sure to promote your giveaways on social media and websites that allow you to share giveaways. You can pay to promote your giveaways on big giveaway sites or you can find free ones that will allow you to promote your giveaway for free. Also look for blogger Facebook giveaway groups that you can share your giveaway in.

I normally host a giveaway for around 1-2 week range, anything larger you will have less likelihood of people entering. Longer than 14 days is simply overkill, unless you are hosting a blogger hop giveaway where there’s a huge prize involved. The average date for a blog giveaway using Rafflecopter is 14 days.

Including a picture of the prize is another way for the readers to see exactly what they will win! This is great for social media too, so they see the prize and think I have to have it. Make sure to create a catchy social media shareable image for all social network platforms.


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