12 thoughts on “The Hottest Gifts of 2017 #ad

  1. Drones are so cool and if you can attach a camera, you can get great pictures. I was debating on getting my son an Amazon Fire stick for his TV so we could get rid of a cable box.

  2. I think these are great gifts for the holidays this year! My kids want a new drone. We have had three of them and they all have broken or gotten lost. I feel like we need to find some new gift ideas, hahaha

  3. My twins are just turning 9 and it is all about Minecrafter when it comes to what is on their Christmas wish. Since there is only so much you can do with that we’ve been having to be creative in selecting gifts for them as well this year. Though my son mentioned he wanted some Star Wars action figures at the last minute which we totally didn’t think he was into anymore. So we’ll see if Santa can make that request happen now.

  4. Ahhh drones. I wanted to get one for my husband I think it would be really wicked but I completely forgot. need to see what I can do about that now!

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