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Keeping Your Kids in Sport

Keeping Your Kids in Sport

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Kids and sports are a tough subject for many parents. We all know how important it is that our children are active, and most of us encourage our kids to join teams at school and in the community, but too many of us also fold and let our kids hang up their football boots or hockey sticks without too much of a fight. Many of us, and our children end up regretting this eventually.

So, if you have children who currently play sports and you don’t want them to be amongst the 70 percent who quit before they turn 13, check out these tips to help keep your kids in sports.

Make it Fun Again

The main reason why kids give up sports is that they no longer find it fun. That means if you can find a way of reigniting that spark and making them fall in love with the activity all over again, there’s a very good chance they’ll stick it out. How can you do this? By sending them to soccer camps like the one at, by letting them ease off and play just for fun with their friends for a while, or even by playing with them! Anything you can think of that will make the sports fun again should work if this is the problem (and you probably should ask them about that.)

Let Them Try Something New

You may have invested a lot of time, money and emotion into bringing up a future baseball star or lacrosse pro, but if your kid simply doesn’t enjoy the sport anymore, and there’s nothing you can do to change that, then instead of trying to force them to stay with it, let them explore their other options, like some of the sports at, for example. They might come back to their original love, and they might not, but at least they’ll be staying active. Push them too far, and they could give up sports altogether!

Loosen Up

Another big reason why kids give up sports is because they feel like they don’t ‘own’ the experience any longer. Kids like to do things because they want to, not because they have to. So, if you’re constantly laying down the law about exactly what they should do and when and they have a really strict coach, well that could be a problem. Of course, there is a place for discipline, but you or their coaches shouldn’t dictate their every move in the game. That sucks the fun out of it!

 Let Them Play

And I don’t mean sports here. If you push your kids too hard or if all they ever do is play sports, then they’re going to get bored at best and burnout at worst, which is why it is so important that you give them time to just play and have fun. Let them play video games, watch cartoons and climb trees sometimes, and they’re less likely to get tired of sports and more likely to have a fun, well-balanced life all round.

Hopefully, you’ll now be able to keep your kids in sports, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll see them in the big leagues!

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