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Tips for Working Mothers to Make More Time

Tips for Working Mothers to Make More Time

If you are a working mom, the days in your life is about working late night at home and regretting the missed time with your kids at work. Most moms who have office roles aren’t able to perform up to the mark at home or office despite of sacrificing their rest time. Then there are those judging eyeballs rolling to make you feel worse, but get over the guilt.

For all moms who are dwelling on how they can’t be with kids and asking for a few more hours in a day, we have some solutions. You don’t have to hire a help or be awake extra hours. You can make your kids realize that you are there all the time with simpler things and that are:

  1. Make House Chores Fun

This will take some time and effort but you should invest time in convincing your family to share responsibilities. Let go the guilt tours when you see your house is untidy, instead ask everyone to come around and get it done. If you can create little games of your own around the tasks, kids might look forward to getting involved in the tasks that are eating your time. For starters, you can offer your kids little doable treats so that they at least try it for once.

  1. Cut the Shopping Time

Out of all the chores, groceries and shopping is the time that you don’t prefer having with your kids. Whether you enjoy it or not, shopping is inevitable when you’re running a family and kids are less likely to understand this fact. So, you’ve to look more openly towards an option that has been open for a long time, online shopping. Stop indulging in the view of designer clothing during your break time and use it to subscribe to monthly services for shopping.  If you mark some helpful shopping resources like clothing coupon website like ClothingRIC, CouponBend and grocery services like Walmart Grocery, everything will land at your doorstep. Also, you will be informed about the giveaways and discount perks like stay-at-home moms.

  1. Strengthen Your Organizing

Not finding time to have everything in a place is a well-spread excuse in the working mom’s community, you don’t always need to do extensive DIY to get everything in its place. In some cases, time is not the real factor that blocks our organizing. In fact, it is your weak decisions about needs and décor that might be causing the problem. Have you been buying stuff that is bigger to settle in your room or buying too much to save your shopping tours? Your organizing work doubles that way. Buy less and promote the thought of simple in your life. Use boxes instead of closets for kids toys. Train your kids to clean it up every time.

  1. Do not over control

Be the kid with them. At least a few times in a month, it will feel good to be on their level and not worry about a thing. When working moms are too much about the routine, the time they actually get with the kids doesn’t sound very attractive. Warm those with your hugs and attention when you reach home and you can always deal with the chores later.

  1. Say No To Extra Hours

Working moms tend to take extraordinary challenges to prove to the world that motherhood has not affected their professional drive. Raising a kid and yourself in a career is a tough job and you might not be as speedy all the time but progress means a lot in this scenario. So, kick away the desperation of doing it too fast. If you’ve been telling your kids about too many important meetings, it might be time to tell your employer that you want to stick with a routine.

  1. Prepare Early

It is no secret treasure of organized moms but working moms often are less serious about doing things early. The content will be mightier when you can wake-up to pressed clothes and lunches rather than going to bed leaving the preparation to morning. The dullness after work is natural but it will lay you only for some time until it will be in your system forever. It also gives your kids confidence that you are doing everything for them that a stay at home mom does.

  1. Call them

It is important for kids and their care-takers to know that you’re watching all the time. Spare a few minutes for the face time to praise their winning at school activity or console them when they haven’t won. Leave them surprise messages and notes to enhance your bond with them.

  1. Share with them

Quality time means when you’re taking them seriously and when sharing is more natural on the both sides. Maturity in kids of working moms comes more naturally and that’s because they are experiencing their professional life more closely with them. If your kid has no idea of the work pressure you’re facing then they can’t forgive you for being less attentive to their problems.

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. Love all these tips, especially staying organized. One thing I have to make myself do more is prepare as much food as possible Sunday afternoons for the week. This cuts down on stress and frees up so much more evening time for me to focus on my family during the week.

  2. Great suggestions!!! I think it’s really important to be organized. If your organized,you usually end up with way more time for things that mean the most to you

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