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10 Reasons Why I Love to Read Positive Blogs

10 Reasons Why I Love to Read Positive Blogs

I love to take time each day to stop and read a few articles from my favorite bloggers for a variety of reasons. One big thing I look for is that it is a positive blog, where you read an article and fill uplifted. I know for me the little free time I get after working, running errands and tending to the kids, I want to read something that makes me feel good at the end of the day. That is when I turn to bloggers that help give you motivation. Below are 10 reasons why I love to read positive blogs, and why you should start reading them.

10 Reasons Why I Love to Read Positive Blogs

10 Reasons Why I Love to Read Positive Blogs

  1. Can give you motivation for your day.
  2. Maybe leaves you with a smile.
  3. If you are struggling they might say something that allows you to see a new perspective on your situation.
  4. Helps relieve stress.
  5. Lets you intentionally think about what you read.
  6. Can implement what you read in your life to help you grow stronger.
  7. It is Free.
  8. Develops critical thinking.
  9. Widens your vocabulary.
  10. A motivation for the day.

If you haven’t been reading positive blogs, then you are truly missing out. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, I think we can all come to agree that reading positive blogs helps to inspire us to think happier, even if for a moment.

What are your favorite positive blogs to read?

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  1. I love them too! I really like to surround myself with positive blogs (as long as I don’t feel like they are throwing it in my face!) I really like how you said widen your vocabulary! I find this to be so important! Reading really helps to allow your vocabulary expand!
    Great post!

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