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Things You Must Do for Your Dog

Things You Must Do for Your Dog

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If you’ve made the decision to bring a dog into your home, then it is your responsibility to ensure that he or she is extremely well looked after and as happy as it is possible for the average pooch to be.

Luckily, keeping dogs happy is very easy; keeping them healthy might take a little more effort, but it doesn’t have to be totally time-consuming or even expensive, but here are a few things that you simply must do for your dog as a responsible pet owner:

Insure Him

Dogs, like humans, can get sick or become injured and it can happen out of the blue, just like it does to us. That’s why it’s so important that you take out an insurance policy for your dog. That way, should he face illness or injury, you won’t have to make treatment decisions based on your wallet, but what is truly best for your dog, as your faithful friend, it is surely the least he deserves!

Feed Him Well

More and more dogs are being diagnosed with food-related conditions such as diabetes and obesity. This can have a huge impact on their quality of life and leave them unable to do the things that dogs love to do  – walk and play – without at least some discomfort.

That’s why you need to take feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet so seriously. Always by the best, most nutritious food you can afford, ensuring that it is suitable for your dog’s breed and that you feed him only the recommended daily amount. If you want to treat him, make it a healthy treat and make sure he does a little work for it!

Always Have Water On Hand

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Dogs can work up quite the thirst, and they do need to stay dehydrated if they are to be as healthy and happy as possible. So, always make sure that they have a fresh bowl of water they can drink from, making extra care to top up before you go out leaving your dog home alone, and bring along some bottled water and a travel bowl if you’re walking or traveling long distances.

Take Preventative Measures Against Fleas

Fleas can be the bane of a dog’s life. Once a flea decides to take up home in your puppy’s fur it can cause all manner of irritation and agony, especially once it lays eggs and breeds more little nuisances.

You can, of course, treat fleas once you notice they’re present, but it is much better for your dog, not to mention much more responsible of you, to use a product like Advecta to prevent an infestation in the first place. Just think how your dog feels when he’s sore and itching all the time, and he doesn’t know why – it must be awful for him, so don’t let it happen and treat for fleas on a regular schedule. It’ll Make your life much easier too – ever tried to rid your home of a flea colony?

Take Him to the Vet

If your dog is acting out of character; if you notice he has developed a lump if he’s listless – whatever the symptoms might be, don’t wait – take him to a vet immediately! So many dogs needlessly develop serious illnesses, suffer unnecessarily and even die because their owners delay in taking them to the vet when they notice a potential problem.

Although it’s true that most of the time your dog will be suffering from a fairly minor complaint, you can’t know that before having him checked out and even if that is the case, he may still need treatment or monitoring. Seriously, as a responsible dog owner who loves your pet, you should always do the right thing and take him in right away.

Love and Adore Him

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Your dog is part of the family, and he needs to feel that way if he is to be emotionally happy and healthy. As you probably know, dogs were traditionally part of a pack, now that they’re domesticated, humans make up their pack, and it’s important that they are shown lots of love and attention by the other members of their pack if they are to thrive. Plus, there isn’t really much point in having a pet dog if you aren’t going to shower him with cuddles and tummy rubs really, is there?

Exercise Him Daily

If you aren’t willing to exercise your dog at least twice a day (bigger dogs and more active breeds may require more) then you have no business having a dog in the first place. Even if you let your dog run around the garden all day, it’s still important to take him out on regular walks, so that he can experience a change of scenery and so that you know exactly how much exercise he’s had.

Of course, walking isn’t the only way to exercise your dog – you can set up an obstacle course in the garden for him to play with, play fetch, tug a rope around with him in the house and so much more. Do as many of these things as you can if you want to have one happy dog!

Give Him a Challenge

Dogs like having things to do and challenges to meet, so they can get pretty bored pretty easily, particularly when they’re home alone. That’s why it is always worth investing in dog puzzle games and Kongs that can make it more difficult for them (in a good way) to access their foods. Give them a challenge, and they won’t even miss you (well not much) when you’re gone.

Be Around for Him

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Speaking of being gone, it’s important that you don’t leave your dog alone for too long. They are social animals, and they need to be around other people to maintain their happiness.

If you work long hours, try to pop home for a while at lunchtime, or organize a dog walker, sitter or member of the family to pop in on him,; you might even want to send him to doggy daycare for your peace of mind and his happiness!

Follow this advice, and you’ll have a happy, healthy dog who you adore and who adores you, which is exactly as it should be.

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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