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4 Awesome Reasons Why Greyhound Make The Best Pets

4 Awesome Reasons Why Greyhound Make The Best Pets

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If you’re looking for a four-legged canine pal to welcome into your home, you could do a lot worse than a greyhound. Made famous by Santa’s Little Helper in the Simpsons, this breed is as floppy, silly and docile as he appears on the popular American cartoon. Greyhounds are often left abandoned and find themselves without homes after their racing careers. This means they can spend their last days in a dog shelter without the care and love they deserve. Take a look at why greyhounds should be on your list of potential new pets.

Greyhounds Are Hilarious

If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time with a greyhound, you don’t know the fun and frolics and jokes this wonderful breed can be a part of as seen at They will find the most weird and wonderful positions in your home to have a snooze, they will flop onto your lap and exude a gentle stubbornness refusing to move no matter how hard you try to get up and they will nearly always get into a mess when they are eating the food that you have lovingly put out for them. This mutt is the most lovable creature you’ll ever meet, and you’ll find his adorable antics will be a welcome addition to your home.

Greyhounds Are Gentle

Even though they have been bred to chase and love nothing more than a game of fetch, they are actually the most laid back and gentle pooches. They are fantastic around kids and will play with them for hours. As with any breed of dog, you shouldn’t leave your offspring unsupervised with them, but they will allow your little ones to give them belly rubs on the living room carpet for hours on end. They don’t have a temper and rarely lash out unless provoked, making them the ideal family pet but also the most useless guard dog in the world.

Greyhounds Are Healthy

This gentle mutt is renowned for his healthy genetic makeup, with very few congenital or hereditary illnesses to look out for. As with all dogs, he’ll need a regular dose of anti-flea and tick medicine to keep him critter free. You could investigate the newer chewable medication at, so your beloved pet never has to take a hard tablet again. With the greyhound’s voracious appetite he’ll wolf down any chewable you present to him.

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Greyhounds Are Affectionate

This breed of dog loves showing you how much he loves you. He’ll sit at your feet, lick your face (if you let him) and come and curl up next to you when you’re watching your favorite TV show. Greyhounds enjoy feeling secure and will repay the love you show them in kind. They will be more than happy adjusting to your lifestyle. They’ll be active and enjoy heading out on walks, running in the park, playing out in the snow or chasing a ball in the back garden. At the same time, they are happy larking about indoors and relaxing.

If your keen to adopt a dog or get a canine pal, you should consider housing a greyhound. They will become a new member of your family and will bring an untold amount of joy to your life.

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