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Finally a Head Lice Treatment that Works

Finally a Head Lice Treatment that Works

Head lice. It’s every parent’s nightmare. In my personal experience, I found that it’s something that hits most elementary aged students. I figure hanging their coats up and sitting next to each other, sharing hats and simply interacting as young children do tends to increase the chances of your child getting head lice.

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Back in my day of growing up, we had head lice checks at school. I remember lining up as we waited for our turn to have the school nurse check our heads. If we had head lice, we were sent home with a note to our parents that the head lice had to be taken care of before we could return to school. Now, in the current day, head lice have been labeled simply a nuisance and is no longer cause for a student to not attend school. Hence why head lice are just out of control, no one is being forced to deal with it. Just my thoughts.

5 Facts About Head Lice

With that being said, here are some facts about head lice that I’ve learned over the years, perhaps they can help you be more aware if head lice have taken over your child’s head or not.

  • Between 6-12 million children between the ages of 3-11 will get head lice each year.
  • Head lice thrive on clean hair, back in our day we thought it was a sign of being dirty.
  • Head lice cannot live on your pets.
  • Head lice does not jump or swim, so don’t panic.
  • Nits are very hard to see on hair unless your child has super dark hair.

lice clinics of america

What to do When Your Child Gets Head Lice

  • Use a product that has been proven to cure head lice, such as Lice Clinics of America products.
  • Wash the clothing, bedding and other items that hair has touched on a daily basis to rid the home of head lice.
  • Inform the school and any friends that your child has been around to avoid spreading head lice.
  • Screen the entire household to ensure all people in the home are treated for head lice.
  • Sit down and breath. This is tedious and will seem to never end, but you got this!

Head Lice Removal Products

About Lice Clinics of America

Head lice affects everyone. Head lice doesn’t judge or discriminate and it can happen to any person from any type of household. When head lice are found on a child’s head at school it literally can spread so fast that it turns life upside down for everyone. Lice Clinics of America were created to help make the cure of head lice quick, easy and not so tedious so that families could get back to regular life in no time. They thrive to empower families and schools to feel empowered with their battle against head lice. You can click here to try to see if they have a clinic near you and if they do, you may want to keep note of that location.

Recently Lice Clinics of America has developed their own products, the Lice Preventer Kit and Lice Remover Kit, to help families prevent and/or eliminate head lice from the comfort of their own home.

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  1. I think this is something parents should just have on hand, never know when you will need it but when you do it’s great to have it on hand and not have to run to the store.

  2. I’ve never had to deal with lice before but I know they can be a pest! Its good to know there are remedies out to address Lice, I know my neighbor son use to have them often. I know just reading about them makes my skin crawl!

  3. Ugh, My kids had head lice once about 3 years ago, and it was horrible! I hope to never have to go through that again. One of my daughter’s classmates at it this school year, but thankfully it didn’t transfer to my kids. It is nice to know that there is a brand to buy over-the-counter that really does the job. We took our kids to a salon, which was really expensive.

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