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Tips for the Blogging Virtual Assistant

Tips for the Blogging Virtual Assistant

Back in the day, somewhere around 2008, being a virtual assistant was something that wasn’t widely accepted. Sure there were forums and membership sites out there geared towards helping you build a virtual assistant business. The idea existed but the market wasn’t saturated with blogging virtual assistants. I recall starting off with data entry jobs from home. I helped e-commerce sites upload their products, write a description, price, and whatnot then hit publish to have it upload to the world. I also helped with newsletter creation, social media replies, and updates as well as a tiny bit of writing. A blogging virtual assistant wasn’t quite popular back in the day when I started.

Fast forward to the recent two years, I have witnessed many new virtual assistants coming out of the woodwork. A blogging virtual assistant offers so many different tasks. There are the blogging virtual assistants who do roundups, content development, social media management, chore thread completion and much more! The internet has opened its doors to many work at home parents who are seeking a way to be home with kids while being successful. The reason I started with my virtual assistant business was that I obviously needed a job and I had to have a flexible schedule for my middle child used to have a ton of appointments. Finally, we have the diagnosis of Aspergers, so he is now without as many appointments because, at age 8, we stopped medications for him. This meant I had time to push the virtual assistant business further.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
With all of that being said, it’s wonderful to watch blogging virtual assistants grow. I love seeing new people out there ready to get their hands dirty working for someone. The going rate for a virtual assistant depends on the skill level. You could pay hourly or per project rates, it all depends on what that individual requires for their business model. I am so excited to see many blogging virtual assistants come to me to ask how I got started, what it is that made me do this and what rate makes sense to charge.

Buying a domain is easy
I love helping others succeed in their blogging virtual assistant career, so today I wanted to create a little list of services and platforms that help the blogging virtual assistant grow their business and work smarter not harder.

5 Tools to Help Blogging Virtual Assistants


This has been an interesting learning process. I am part of a couple of tribes on Tailwind, which is great as it gives me more exposure with a community of bloggers. I also have enjoyed the ability to schedule pins through Tailwind in a way that helps me get the most exposure out of my pins. Join for free today!


This platform was developed by Mike and me during our days of developing platforms to save the time involved with chore thread groups. LinkPops is also a great way to open multiple links for any blogger virtual assistant who must check on a variety of sites every day.

Revive Social

This is a great tool for blogging virtual assistants who want to help get their clients content out there in a scheduled fashion. Revive Social is a premium WordPress plugin that helps schedule social media content. You can have access to multiple accounts and track clicks. Sign up for Revive Social today!

If you are a blogger virtual assistant who does retweet chore threads for clients, then this is a true time saver. This platform works by scheduling tweets out every 10 minutes minimum but our new server edition helps you even further by having the ability to use a 1-minute trickle.


This is a new tool that I’ve been using as a ghostwriter because content marketing is all about having proper grammar and using the best word choices out there. Grammarly is free at its basic level but the $20 quarter option is best. Bloggers love when you can tell them that “this post was proofread by Grammarly.”

There you have it 5 tools that bloggers virtual assistants will benefit from. I started this work at home journey in 2006, never did I realize how far this would go. I knew I would be successful, by my own standards of the definition, but I never truly realized the extent of what one can do from home when they put their mind to making money to support their family.

What are some tools for virtual assistants or bloggers that you’d add to this list?

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. I use Tailwind and I am a happy customer. It really helps save me precious time. I will have to check out Revive Social too. That sounds interesting that I can track clicks!

  2. I’m totally saving this post for my VA, these are great tips. I know she uses tailwind but I’d love for her to explore the rest!

  3. Oooo so many great tools! I need to get better with Tailwind! Such a great way to get content out on Pinterest if you do it correctly

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