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Your Online Platform Speaks Volumes About You

Your Online Platform Speaks Volumes About You


If you have any interest in selling your skills online, or conducting any form of freelance work in a professional and respected capacity, it’s important to have your own website. This will serve as the hub of communication and outreach that clients will use to become familiar with your work and thus make the decision to hire you. Keeping an online platform is almost mandatory in the modern age, as clients are unlikely to look kindly upon someone who lacks this. That’s because lacking an online presence could suggest little faith in your brand or testimonials, or that your overall branding is shaky and not worthy of its own space.

Keeping an online platform serves as your form of a nation on the internet – it’s your small space dedicated to upkeep a permanent, sustainable and always reachable platform. If you hope to grow your reputation in a positive manner, this can be one of the greatest places to start.

Your online platform speaks volumes about you. But how can you tailor this to speak volumes of good in an optimized way? Read the following advice to find out:

Landing Pages 

Landing pages are incredibly important to get right. You need to find a way to immediately grasp your client, but also facilitate their easy navigation of your website. After visiting a targeted ad, you desire the consumer to be completely sold on your idea within a matter of moments. While an autoplay video in a heavy flash plugin design can be attractive and interesting, it can feel bloated. It’s best to stay away from anything that auto plays in fact. Showing confidence in your brand means staying restrained in your landing page. Consider your landing page like a job interview. The moment you walk through the door you are being judged. As a potential client sees your homepage, they will often make a snap judgement within the first fifteen seconds as to if or how they will conduct business with you.

This means your information needs to be immediately readable and digestible, and the scope of your offerings need to be recognizable within this first impression. If you are able to politely and respectfully approach your audience with relevant information about yourself upon a web visit, that shows you will carry on that necessary social intelligence over into the work you complete for a client. That’s the type of person that a client wishes to hire.

It’s also important to consider how your landing page is viewed across multiple devices. Sometimes the slickest and most attractive web plugins can serve a desktop user well, but this bloat can sometimes affect how a mobile device loads the page. With more and more people using their mobile phones as a necessary means to interact with the web, this can be fatal towards your ideal in hiring clients. The best mobile responsive landing page can be achieved by finding the best web development or wordpress optimization firm to help you, as they often have experiential knowledge in what works correctly for their clients.


A website is only one level of online platform that you might like to keep. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are all services you might consider running a business account from. However, it can be tempting for the owners of these social media profiles (particularly individuals running a small business,) to connect these business profiles with their main. This means that anything connected to your personal life will automatically be condoned by your business publicly. For example, let’s say McDonalds liked the tweet of a hot sauce company on their twitter profile. That immediately cana be read as an endorsement, even if the content of the tweet was the only thing the social media manager felt enjoyable from that account.

This is why it pays to keep a strong eye on all of your social media likes, connections, relationships and general visibility, because these things can reflect on your business. People who aren’t well versed in being related with other businesses and understand the legal framework that many corporations use to avoid this can mistakenly become a perpetrator of it, against their own aims. For that reason, a little ‘social media spring cleaning’ can be very useful to conduct once in a while. Try it, it will likely serve you well.


A quick word about maintenance. If hosting your domain yourself, it’s important to continually schedule your maintenance and upkeep times to those hours which are least likely to net you business. However, it’s always more appropriate to use an outsourced firm to provide you with this web presence, even at a higher cost. This is because services such as these often have dedicated teams concerned with upkeep as a main priority. Someone trying to access your page is not entertained by downtime, and will quickly look for an alternative option. In order to avoid missing out on this business, try to select service providers that keep your business open 24/7 online.

Your online platform speaks volumes about you. When enacting this advice, it will be a hearty recommendation instead of a quiet warning.


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  1. I do believe it’s important to have an online presence. It does add credibility to your product, service or site because so many people put so much stock in how you are perceived on your social media sites.

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