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Tips to Speak Kinder

Tips to Speak Kinder

Often times our communication fails because we don’t feel good. If a person isn’t at their full potential emotionally then communication can go out the window. A person who feels sad, hurt, down and out will tend to speak in a way that is attacking or not speak at all. We all get into modes where we feel betrayed, hurt, angry or sad that’s nothing to question, but how can we learn to speak kinder to each other during those off moments? Today I’m sharing some tips to speak kinder that will work even when you don’t desire to speak kindly to someone.

Speak Words You Want to Be Known By

When you’re feeling angry, bitter or sad the words you choose will tend to reflect how you feel. Take time to learn how to speak words you want to be known by. Think about the words you speak today as being engraved upon your tombstone, would you want the words you speak while feeling hurt to be the last words you’re known by? If no, then pause to reflect before you open your mouth to speak.

Commit to Stop Complaining

The world is hard, life is challenging and everyone has bad days. While you are entitled to have a bad day and to feel horrible, you’re not entitled to treat another human being badly. We all deserve to be spoken to kindly, regardless of how you are feeling today. Let go of complaining out loud to others, learn to only speak of good things or to not speak at all so as to avoid filling the world with more negative.

Use your Manners

It’s funny how using manners can make or change a conversation. When communicating with others throughout the day, regardless of how you feel, always use the manners you were taught as a young child. A simple word like “please” or a phrase like “thank you” can go a long way to speaking kinder to others regardless of how difficult I may be to speak that kind to the person you’re upset with.

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Drop Gossip Like It’s Hot

Lastly, learn to never indulge in gossip. Many people try to make themselves feel better by talking down about another person and quite possibly creating rumors about that person’s character. Don’t indulge in gossip, ever. This will take you down a path of speaking ill about someone behind their back which is just as bad as speaking meanly to their face.

Whether you are having a bad day or just struggling to be kind to others, these tips shared today should help guide you forward in speaking kinder to anyone. We all suffer from life experiences, there are mistakes made and decisions that are difficult but there’s no reason to let those life mishaps add more negative to other people’s life, learn to speak kinder using these tips and watch as people admire you for remaining kind no matter what your circumstances are.

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  1. Great post and points to keep in mine. Since I have been on Social Media and working of Facebook I often ask myself who did people moan to before they had this platform and the whining and moaning online is sometimes unbearable. Actually I have taken a liking to the HIDE button and use it daily.

    I am a tutor plus and I teach the kids manners all the time and they do not get anything from me unless they are well mannered, I live by it as I had it drummed into my head.

    Words are dangerous and I always say if you don’t want people to use them on you don’t use them on them, it is one of my mottos and I am very careful howI speak.

    Once again thanks for this great post

  2. I didn’t really make a whole lot of resolutions, but this is a great goal to implement. Manners do go a long way. I’m reminded of the quote from the live-action Cinderella “Have courage and be kind.” Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to remain kind.

  3. I tihink it also helps to just find your peace somewhere before you interact with someone, especially if you are expecting a difficult conversation. Where your heart is, the tongue will soon follow!

  4. We all need a little of this right now. Just the simple “please” and “thank you” are sometimes enough to express kindness. I am guilty of sometimes saying things I regret later, especially when I am angry. I should stop doing that. It hurts others and it hurts me too.

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