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Pamper Your Pooch With These Four Tips

Pamper Your Pooch With These Four Tips

Dogs are the most loyal, most loving pet of choice. Cats may be wonderful creatures, but their aloofness and independence take them off the table when it comes to the loving stakes! Dogs are there to greet you when you arrive home from work. They’ll sit with you when they sense you’re feeling down or sad. They’ll leap all over you in their effort to show you affection and their tails wag the moment they notice you. Their loyalty is astounding for an animal, and it’s because of this loyalty that dogs continue to be the most popular family pet every year.

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Pampering your pooch is something that you need to do, not just for their health but as a way to return the love that they show you every single day. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, but there are some cute ways you can ensure that your dog knows exactly how much you love them, and we’ve got four of the best ways below:

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Grooming. Every month, book your dog in with the groomers. They need their fur shampooed and nails trimmed. They need any unruly fur cut back and they need to feel a little love. When they’re not having their fur combed and taken care of, make sure your dog is wearing a Seresto collar to combat fleas and ticks. You can take care of your dog’s health via their collar, and the groomers can keep their coat silky and glossy.

Goodies. Dog treats off the shelf can become rather boring, so why not try your hand at making your own? Bacon bites, peanut butter biscuits and a huge juicy dog bone are the perfect treats that you can offer your dog. Checking out recipes here for homemade dog treats can help you get creative. After all, your home cooking benefits you, why shouldn’t it benefit your dog?

Dog Day. You go for walks every day, twice a day, but sometimes you can go one better. Have a day for just you and your dog to go out and do all the things that they love to do. Pack a lunch for you both and go to the beach. Throw the ball out into the shallows of the sea and let your dog go nuts collecting it. Go to the groomer and get a doggy pedicure and grab a Frisbee for a long game of fetch. Your dog needs to feel loved just as much as you do sometimes, and that means some one on one attention is required.

Accessories. One of the best ways your pooch can be pampered is with a comfortable new dog bed and toys. Go all out with a plush one that you can fit the whole dog in and add their favourite blanket.

Your dog is going to stay loyal to you and love you until they’re too old to keep going. It’s only fair that they know how much you love them, too.


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  1. These are some great tips. I know we take a lot of time with our doggie and we do our best to pamper her once a month. I love the pack a lunch idea and visiting the beach, I know shelly would love that! I also make sure to treat her with some goodies.

  2. My kids have never had a dog. My husband and I both grew up with dogs, but we decided we wanted to travel a lot early on, and a cat is so much easier to care for. These are great tips for dog owners!

  3. I like these ideas on how to pamper your pooch. My dogs have gotten old so we try to do special things for them to make them comfy since they are not ones to play with toys etc. Like a new dog bed or a new blanket to lay on. Dogs are a wonderful animal.

  4. We always had dogs when I was growing up and I loved them so. Then I got married and my husband wasn’t fond of pets, so we didn’t get one. Fast forward a bazillion years and I’m single. I want to get my son a dog when we buy a house. #goals 🙂 Every kiddo should get to experience that puppy love you’re talking about (figure of speech). And of course, we’ll pamper our pooch!

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