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How Tailwind Helps Bloggers

How Tailwind Helps Bloggers

Tailwind Tribes are taking bloggers by storm and helping them gain more “pins” as well as traffic to their blog. If you are a blogger you have probably heard bloggers raving about Tailwind.

Tailwind does cost to join and has a monthly fee, but I haven’t really heard many bloggers complain as the success you gain outweighs the small fee. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins for months ahead, so if you take time one day to plan out and schedule your favorite blogs pins and incorporate some of your own pins, it can make for the perfect combination for your Pinterest boards.

When you team up with Tribes, you work with other bloggers to grow your reach, some tribes have hundreds of thousands when combined, so it is a huge perk. You pin their pins and they pin yours. Together you benefit from each other. That is why blogging is a community and we should always support each other. This world is so big there is enough for all of us.

How tailwind helps bloggers

Why Bloggers Love Tailwind


Create Schedule

Take time to add Tailwind to your schedule. Try to schedule around 10-15 Pins a day to start out. You might sit down for an hour and do the entire week, that’s up to you. Consistency on Pinterest is key. You can work your way up to 30 Pins a day If you feel lucky. Many bloggers have great success with 30 scheduled Pins a day.

Best Time of Day

The magical part of Tailwind is it reads your analytics and shares the best times of day for you. They look at clicks and more from the past and do their magic to find the ultimate time to pin. That right there is worth paying for as it saves you time and energy.


You have so many options when it comes to Tailwind. You can pin one of your top pins on a variety of boards throughout the day, this is great for pushing for holidays. Maybe you have an Easter craft or dessert that just brings in huge amounts of traffic, push it even harder and see a bigger payout. Pin 5 different images from the same post so it allows you to promote that many more times with a variety of images.

Interval Pinning

This option is a huge perk. Take one image from a post and pin to a variety of your boards within seconds. If the post is relevant pin to multiple boards. Why? Because not everyone follows your complete list of boards. They might only follow one or two, so pinning to a variety of boards allows you to maximize your exposure to readers. Spreading the pins out helps in not making things look like they are on repeat, and you can fill in gaps with other people’s content so it doesn’t look like you are just self-promoting.


Tailwind allows you to see if you are growing your traffic, clicks and more. It allows you to see if maybe you need to pin a bit more or slow down a bit cause you’re pushing too much content too quickly. You can view engagement rate, viral score, performance and more. This is a great tool to look at and decipher. If you aren’t that tech savvy and struggle deciphering, hire out a person who specializes in Tailwind to help give you guidance.

Hashtag Finder

Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder

This just skims the surface of all the perks and benefits of Tailwind. It is a no-brainer to give it a try and see the success that comes your way if you blog and want to grow! Click here to sign up for your own account.

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  1. Tailwind is fantastic! I started on it last year and a blogging friend helped me with the set up. It really does increase your reach and it’s sooo easy to use. It’s been such a good investment.

  2. Wow… This was some great information. I am not great with Pinterest and I never really heard about Tailwind. I consider myself a newbie blogger and sometimes I get hit with overwhelming information about things I have never heard of and above my comprehension level… I loved this blog because you explained everything so clear and to the point!

    Do you have any suggestions about how I can better utilize my Pinterest account? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  3. This is something I really need to try. I have a friend who tells me how good this tool is but I haven’t gotten to reading more about it. Thanks for explaining the advantages of Tailwind. Now I am totally convinced that I need this in my blogging life.

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