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How Pinterest Can Boost your Blog Traffic

How Pinterest Can Boost your Blog Traffic

If you are not using Pinterest as a form to try and boost your traffic you are missing out. For many bloggers, Pinterest is one of the main ways they draw traffic to their site. The best part of it is that Pinterest is free. Whether you write about fashion, food, parenting, homeschooling, marriage life, crafts, or anything in between you can promote your post on Pinterest and gain traffic.

Now there are some tips and tricks I will share below on how to gain more traffic from Pinterest. You can invest in programs that allow you to schedule pins, or you can hop on and post them randomly throughout the day. Pinning at least 30 pins throughout the day can really help keep you in peoples news feeds who follow you, and you can toss in a few of your articles in there as well to keep your content relevant and in eyesight.

6 Tips for Boosting Blog Traffic with Pinterest

6 Tips for Gaining Traffic From Pinterest

Create Pins That Look Pretty

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and just love the pairing of colors and letters on the pin? That is what draws your readers in, and you want to make sure the pictures are clean and clear, have nice readable writing, and look pretty to the eyes. Like I stated above, if you are not good at this, hire someone. Generally, 700×1400 or 735×1102 are great sizes for your pins if you are unsure as to what works best. Vibrant colors, clean, and has a font that captivates.

Blog Board

Create a blog board on Pinterest that is just for your blog articles. This makes it easy for your followers to see your pins to your articles, and follow you completely or just follow that board. When you pin each time make sure you put a good description to each pin, link to your blog article, and have that image looking great.


Each pin has an area where you can write a description telling readers what the pin is about. To maximize your reach, make sure it is detailed and includes 1-2 sentences to give your follower insight as to what they will get if they click. Use captivating words to really help them want to click (how-to’s, click to find out more, check out, etc).

Pin Randomly and Find Golden Hours

You can look at your Pinterest Analyzer and see times that you get the most hits or peak times for your pins. You might find that Fridays are best for your recipes, Saturdays your craft pins go crazy, and Tuesdays are wonderful for parenting. Try to make sure you offer pins around the clock so that you can really see what times peak and what times don’t really get any traffic. Then after awhile, you can look through your data and really decipher your golden hour time of pinning.


If you do want your blog URL or a watermark on your pins make sure they are smaller in size. Have it on a bottom corner of a pin and don’t make it stand out too much, that can deter people from clicking. It can also make your pins look cluttered. So if you do add your branding keep it small and simple. When you do make your Pins consider giving them a similar look, so when they see the font on top, the image under, it has the same feel of all your other pins that they begin to recognize your work. A lot of bloggers will pick a couple fonts they want to use, colors, and keep things looking the same.

Pin to Multiple Boards

Say you have a muffin recipe, you can create multiple boards that fit the criteria for a muffin recipe. Then at different times, you can pin it to a board to help draw in new traffic from new followers or people who haven’t seen it before. You might also consider joining group boards, it has a higher reach because so many bloggers join together for a specific board.

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  1. I’ve signed up for Pinterest years ago and it’s just now that I’m trying to learn the tricks of the trade. Does it matter if I’m pinning my own content or would I still get traffic even if I pin other pins? That confuses me as to how my blog will get traffic if I’m pinning someone else’s pin.

    1. That’s a great question and makes total sense. I’ve been on Pinterest for about 8 plus years now, really focused on it this New Year to get better after learning various methods of how it works last year. So by pinning up to 30 pins daily and having half of that be your own pins, it helps get traffic to your blog because it will help you get more followers and engagement on Pinterest. This will also work to increase your value on Pinterest. Since Pinterest likes to see specific user interaction, such as a 30 pins daily (half of which should be your own), it helps Pinterest to “rank” you as a influential pinner on their site. That’s the basic way I can explain it. By promoting others and yourself, it simply helps people see your pins more frequently and in turn increases your blog traffic 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. Worthwhile read! As a crafts/diy blogger Pinterest is the one social media platform I need at my disposal as that’s where my “target audience” is in the greatest numbers. There is this one particular pin scheduler I’ve been meaning to try out as it looks like it might help my reach more. Like your first tip, I have one board specifically for my blog posts and the rest kind of branch into sub-niches like working with clay, things to make with X, etc. I’ve heard you kind of have to apply some SEO strategies there too!

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