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What are some red flags when searching for new employment?

What are some red flags when searching for new employment?

When you’re searching for positions on your own, it may be easy to spot any red flags. For example, a job posting that is written in a convoluted language or in garbled language is a sign of an employer that doesn’t care about attention to detail or how it presents itself. However, if you’re considering signing up with finance recruiters, it may be your first experience with staffing firms. What are some red flags if they’re part of your job search?

What are some red flags when searching for new employment? Here are some things to watch out for when you're applying for new employment.


The best finance headhunters don’t ask you to pay them fees, nor do they proclaim something such as, “We normally charge fees, but they’re waived for you.”

The companies seeking employees are the ones who should be paying your staffing agency.

Little discussion or no discussion 

A recruiter from the agency you’re considering should also take the time to get to know you well on a professional level. For example, the two of you should discuss your hard and soft skills, your goals and which types of workplaces you see yourself thriving most in, among other issues. In many cases, especially after your application is accepted, the recruiter should give you tailored job search advice. Suggestions to revamp your resume should point out specific phrases from the resume rather than go along the lines of generic advice such as, “Use strong verbs on your resume.” That suggestion doesn’t even tell you if the verbs on your resume would be considered strong or weak.

Lofty aspirations 

Also, beware of agencies who promise to get you employment. There is never a guarantee of landing a job, although if you are able to sign on with a high-level agency, a position should be close. Steer clear of a firm that says something like, “Employment guaranteed hours after application!”

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  1. I once used a staffing agency for work. I had a decent enough experience with the recruiters. These are all great red flag warnings for anyone looking

  2. The one time I used an agency, they promised the world and then never followed up. Ended up finding something on my own that was even better than what they promised!

  3. Really awesome tips. I am going to pin this to my board about jobs because so many would find this super helpful!

  4. I’ve kind of lucked out on employment the last few times I was looking but I know that it won’t always be that way. This is great information to keep in mind when searching for a job.

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