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5 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

5 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

There are many ways you can maximize your bedroom space. For me, I have a larger bedroom but my sons’ have a smaller bedroom that is shared between the two of them. When first moving into this home rental, I had to figure out how to maximize my sons’ bedroom space. I wanted to make sure that they had room to sleep, hang out and enjoy their bedroom. Today I wanted to share a few ways that anyone can maximize their bedroom space.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

5 Ways to Maximize your Bedroom Space

Remove Large Storage Furniture – one way to maximize your bedroom space is to remove any large dressers or storage furniture that is taking up space.

Hire an Interior Designer – consider looking for the best interior design companies to help you fully maximize your bedroom space beautifully.

Buy a Smaller Bed – there are many bed options available to the average person, consider purchasing a smaller bed that suits your bedroom space.

Organize the Closet – your closet is the easiest place to maximize bedroom space by using all vertical space for cleverly storing items.

Use the Walls – wall space is a huge lost area when it comes to the bedroom, purchase shelving units that can easily maximize your storage space.

Picking a Relaxing Bedroom Theme

No matter where you live in the world, there are always ways to maximize your bedroom space. There are some pretty awesome interior design options when it comes to hiring a designer to maximize your bedroom space. Such options like interior designers palm desert bring the Mojave Desert alive in your room with a desert theme. I personally love the idea of maximizing my bedroom space with a relaxing theme that sets my mind at peace before I drift off into slumber.

When you take the time to maximize your bedroom space with the ideas I shared today, you’ll soon find that your bedroom isn’t as cluttered. This is the perfect time of year to start focusing on maximizing your space within the four walls you call home. Use these tips to get that bedroom feeling relaxing, spacious and comfortable.


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  1. Awesome suggestions! My eleven year old daughter has the smallest room in the house, yet loves keeping the most stuff, so we are always looking for simple space solutions.

  2. My bedroom feels uncozy with all the furniture in there. I could stand to remove the recliner. I’d love to use the vertical space currently wasted.

  3. Awesome tips!!!! The only thing I hate about my house is how small my bedroom is! It’s been the most boring room in the house because I have zero room to do anything cute with it lol

  4. We live in a historic home. In the early 1900’s, people just didn’t have a lot of stuff. We’ve got to maximize our space and these are going to help make it possible.

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